Austrian research and consulting centre on climate change, risk- and energy management is looking for cooperation partners

OFFER from Austria, reference: TOAT20170817001, valid from 28-03-2019 untill 23-08-2019

  • Title:
    Austrian research and consulting centre on climate change, risk- and energy management is looking for cooperation partners
  • Start date:
    28 maart 2019
  • End date:
    23 augustus 2019
  • Summary:
    A leading Austrian research centre and consulting company focusing on climate change, risk- energy- & water management, is looking for partners in Europe and beyond. The SME is interested to collaborate on project proposals with like-minded entities from the private and public sectors under research cooperations or service agreements, thereby enhancing its geographical outreach and the impact of its expertise in order to facilitate the transition to a climate resilient and low carbon future.
  • Description:
    With the rising importance of climate change and its consideration in development processes of all sorts, the global demand for such expertise will be rising over the coming years. Taking into account the financial commitments of the international community, business opportunities and need for further expertise will be increasing as well.

    An Austrian company active in the field of climate change adaptation develops innovative, marketable technologies and strategies for sustainable adaptation to and mitigation of climate change. These include innovations for early warning and monitoring systems for the prevention of disasters, tools for modern risk management as well as concepts for adapted land-use, water resource and forestry management.

    Founded in 2002, the Austrian SME has continuously extended its portfolio over time and is now one of the largest non-university research and competence centres in Austria. It can offer services ranging from climate projections and risk assessments on the regional level to multi-risk-analyses for public authorities and businesses. Based on these scientifically sound and thorough assessments, it can design and implement participatory strategy-development processes, leading among others to climate change adaptation plans and mitigation options. These can be disseminated and their impact and outreach scientifically monitored and evaluated. In the transition to a low-carbon economy, it can point out the potential for enhanced energy efficiency and increased use of renewables, using for example state-of-the-art laserscan data and the latest tools and approaches for efficient energy management.

    The Austrian company offers the following services:
    • Climate change impact studies
    • Hydrological modelling and flood forecasting
    • Geological risk assessments
    • Evaluation of natural hazards (environmental, social and economic evaluation)
    • Risk management and communication
    • Capacity building for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA)
    • Climate-sensitive risk profiling and management from the local to the international level, incl. GIS
    • Multi-risk assessments for the public and private sector - e.g. civil protection, emergency management authorities, energy suppliers
    • Calculation of damage potentials and insurance values for hydrometeorological disasters
    • Alternative risk transfer of weather risks; weather derivatives
    • Analysis of climate change impacts on critical infrastructure
    • Development and implementation of strategic, technical and organizational measures for prevention, preparedness and crisis management
    • Development and application of innovative community-based approaches
    • Informing and implementing DRR and CCA policy
    • Integration of remote sensing technologies
    • Descriptive presentation of the effects of climate change at local/regional levels
    • Compilation and coordination of existing adaptation-related initiatives and efforts in the respective community or region
    • Energy monitoring and reporting
    • Implementation of geo-databases and customer-specific GIS solutions
    • Evaluation and processing of laser-scan data, including the development of customised software applications
    • Eco- and CO2-footprint assessments
    • Standardised investigations of mobility and energy requirements
    • Involvement of stakeholders, targeted PR campaigns, and awareness-building sessions on the subject of climate protection/adaptation to climate change.

    The Austrian company wants to enhance its outreach by applying its knowledge and expertise globally and is looking for international partners from the public and private sectors to collaborate under service agreements and/or research cooperation agreements. Potential collaborations adress the support of decision makers, institutions, businesses, and international organizations on climate change adaption and mitigation on the basis of sound scientific knowledge.
Partner Sought
  • Type of Partnership Considered:
    Services agreement, Research cooperation agreement
  • Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:

    The Austrian company is looking for experienced partners to jointly apply for and implement projects in the fields of research and consulting in Europe and globally. In the fields of risk-, water-, and energy management as well as climate change adaptation, potential partners can be utilities, public authorities, companies and other actors engaged locally or regionally in these areas.

    Potential partners posess the necessary data and knowledge of local circumstances to tackle local challenges posed by climate change.

    The Austrian company is also interested in establishing research partnerships in order to jointly further develop tools and approaches for dealing with climate change. These can include energy monitoring systems, laser scanning applications, or flood risk modelling.

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    Already on the market
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    Exclusive Rights,Copyright
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    Consulting services
  • Technology keywords:
    Climate Change mitigation
    Natural Disasters
    Remote sensing technology
    Flood Management
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    Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
  • Advantages and Innovations:
    In its 15 years of developing and implementing risk management approaches, improving water and energy management, and fostering climate change mitigation and adaptation mainly in the Alpine region, the Austrian company has become a long-standing and trusted partner of public authorities, businesses, and international organizations alike. Altogether, nearly 150 Research & Development projects were designed and managed with more than 35 scientific and 80 company partners.

    The services, all based on sound scientific expertise, encompass (multi-) risk profiling and elaborating climate change strategies for the public and private sectors, setting the stage for the protection of critical infrastructure and the design of regional energy development strategies. The SME has extensive experience and insights in climate- and risk-related adaptation and mitigation actions on all levels as well as transformational change processes at large, thanks to its numerous projects in risk, water and energy management for a wide variety of partners and donors.

    Having worked for years with and for a wide range of different actors on all levels, the SME has extensive experience in designing and implementing tailor-made solutions together with the most suitable partners for the respective context. This is done by thinking out of the box, applying the latest scientific findings practically, and creating new innovative solutions to the challenges posed by climate change and other risks.

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    R&D Institution
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