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Via de onderstaande zoekbalk kunt u met behulp van Engelstalige trefwoorden uw gewenste partners vinden.

Via de onderstaande zoekbalk kunt u met behulp van Engelstalige trefwoorden uw gewenste partners vinden.

Via de onderstaande zoekbalk kunt u met behulp van Engelstalige trefwoorden uw gewenste partners vinden.

De databank zakenpartners is het online trefpunt voor ondernemers.

In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.
U kunt een profiel laten opnemen in onze database. Deze is zichtbaar voor miljoenen ondernemers wereldwijd. Voor advies bij het opstellen van een profiel kunt contact opnemen met onze adviseurs. U kunt ook contact opnemen als u een interessant profiel tegenkomt.

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Via de onderstaande zoekbalk kunt u met behulp van Engelstalige trefwoorden uw gewenste partners vinden.
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Czech company is looking for home decoration fur/skin products for distribution
REQUEST from Czech Republic
A Czech distributor is focused on lifestyle home decor products made of fur. The company is looking for new suppliers of skin or fur home decoration products (pillows, blankets, rugs, skins and hides) and other home textile products made of cashmere, wool or alpaca. The company is offering wholesale trade intermediary services in the frame of a distribution services agreement and is also offering to represent them through a commercial agency agreement in the Czech Republic and Europe.
Polish manufacturer of colour cosmetics and skin care products is looking for professional products for nail painting and nail nutrition.
REQUEST from Poland
The Polish private company is looking for professional products for nail painting and nail nutrition. For example: gel and hybrid nail polish and nail conditioner. The company is looking for direct producers from Europe who would like to start long term partnerships under a distribution services agreement.
URGENT - MAGHRENOV call: French SME looks for a distributor for a solar potabilisation machine
REQUEST from France
A French SME specialized in water reuse and treatment is looking for a new partner for its already approved and financed project (in the framework of Maghrenov call). The project's objective is to develop and commercialize a solar potabilisation machine, based on a triple treatment.The partner will have to distribute the potabilisation machine in at least one of MENA (Middle East and North Africa) countries. If possible the partner will also have to manufacture the machine.
Fast and cost-effective computational chemistry methodology to find novel hits on cancer chemotherapy
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish research group is offering a brand-new solution in the field of drug design and discovery related to cancer. Thanks to an innovative chemo-informatic methodology based on molecular topology and original software, it can boost the entire process of “hit and lead” compounds identification. The research group, whose has a wide international experience, is looking for companies and research centers interested in using this software via service agreement.
A Korean chemical company is looking for a partner regarding 1,6 Hexamethylene Diisocynate
REQUEST from Korea, Republic of
A Korean company is specialized in manufacturing chemical products. The company is looking for partnership with European chemical companies regarding HMDI(1,6 Hexamethylene Diisocyanate) which is a raw material of polyisocyanate. The material will be used in coating of automobile etc. Specific types of cooperation sought by the company are licensing agreement and technical cooperation.
Portuguese company active in the field of metal parts offers its services through a subcontracting or manufacturing agreement
OFFER from Portugal
Portuguese company specialized in manufacturing of metal parts and in providing of plate and tube laser cutting, welding and bending services, is offering to act as a subcontractor and a manufacturer and is looking for partners in order to make a manufacturing or subcontracting agreement.
A UK based company is looking for business partners to represent, promote and sell their luxury jams under a distribution or commercial agency agreement
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK based company has produced artisan, luxury jams and marmalades since 2012 and is supplying high-end delicatessens, cafes, shops, and food halls across the UK. The UK company is looking to expand and establish their brand overseas and is looking for a business partner to represent, promote and sell their products under a distribution or commercial agency agreement.
Polish manufacturer of custom made furniture and other wooden products offers its services under subcontracting
OFFER from Poland
A Polish company specialises in manufacturing custom made furniture and other wooden products. The firm offers: doors, tables, wardrobes, beds, shutter, stairs etc. They are interested in establishing a long-term cooperation in a form of subcontracting with companies from construction sector, furniture stores and distributors.
Modern software applications offered by Polish IT company
OFFER from Poland
The Polish SME from ICT sector is seeking partners from Austria, Germany, France, UK and Switzerland in view to perform projects involving creating of modern software systems. The company offers online, desktop and mobile software based on such technologies as .NET, JAVA, JavaScript, PHP. Collaboration on base of services agreement is considered.
Dutch company offers its advisory services to companies that want to expand into the Brazilian market or are looking for Brazilian goods and products to import
OFFER from Netherlands
This Dutch company seeks business partners, which are interested to export to Brazil or import Brazilian goods and products and are in need of assistance. The company provides export advisory services to potential companies. They want to operate as an export advisor and offer their services in the framework of a service agreement.