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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

U kunt een profiel laten opnemen in onze database. Deze is zichtbaar voor miljoenen ondernemers wereldwijd. Voor advies bij het opstellen van een profiel kunt contact opnemen met onze adviseurs. U kunt ook contact opnemen als u een interessant profiel tegenkomt.
Via de onderstaande zoekbalk kunt u met behulp van Engelstalige trefwoorden uw gewenste partners vinden.
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Italian company producing cured meats is looking for distributors
OFFER from Italy
An Italian sausage factory, founded in 2010, has followed a long and established tradition of family butchers for seven generations. Today, the company produces a wide selection of cured meats in its own production plant which is lactose-free, gluten free and nitrate-free. It has also a biological production. They are looking for distributors, above all in Austria, France and United Kingdom to conclude a distribution services agreement.
Italian company, offering processing of marbles, granites and quartz, is looking for cooperation with architecture studios, design studios and distributors for manufacture agreements
OFFER from Italy
The Italian SME is specialized in the processing of marble, granites and quartz on specific customer request for residential and public use. The Italian company is interested to get in contact with foreign companies such as architecture studio, design studio and distributors for manufacturing agreements and for distribution services agreeements. Partners can be from all EU Area.
A Dutch startup, building a greenfield broadband data network to provide high speed internet access services to underserved areas is searching for a joint venture partner in Germany or Belgium
OFFER from Netherlands
The Dutch company is a greenfield broadband data network provider. They are working on building a high quality, high speed broadband network to provide internet access to currently underserved areas, with a new technology 5G (5th generation) network. They are looking for a partner who can help complete the funding. The potential partner should be based in Germany or Belgium. The Dutch company is offering a joint venture or a financial agreement.
Italian company, active in the field of metal processing, is looking for foreign architecture and design studios for manufacturing agreement
OFFER from Italy
The Italian company is active in the field of metal processing, for the industrial metal carpentry sector, the structural carpentry sector, the residential sector. The company is looking for foreign architecture and design studios for manufacturing agreements. Partner can be from any countries.
Romanian company is searching for a partner interested in a joint venture for producing soldering consumables used in the automotive and electronics industry
OFFER from Romania
The Romanian company produces currently soldering alloys in form of ingots and cased bars. Following the industry’s demand the company intends to extend their business to produce extruded bars and wires of different dimensions. Using the alloys produced in house as input for a new production line, the company searches for a business partner in the frame of a joint venture to participate with technology and specific equipment. A production area of at least 2000 sq m can be used.
A Finnish company producing water treatment solutions is looking for agents or distributors from the field waste water and water treatment in Europe
OFFER from Finland
A Finnish company involved in the development, production and delivery of water treatment solutions for both industry and the municipal sectors is looking for agents or distributors under the commercial agency or distribution services agreement in Europe. This Finnish SME makes process- and layout planning for different uses in water treatment, most common ones being sewage treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants and water treatment plants or water works.
Italian company specialised in the production of band saw blades for the wood and metalworking sector is looking for distributors
OFFER from Italy
An Italian company is looking for a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement whereby the potential partner presents and sells the company's products to foreign countries . The company is specialised in the production of cutting tools, especially band saw blades, circular blades, gang saw blades and many other tools and consumables used in industries for cutting different materials.
Manufacturer of biodegradable jute bags sought
REQUEST from Germany
A German start-up company is looking for a manufacturer of jute bags able to produce bags in accordance to the start-up's needs. The start-up is looking for a partner willing to work under a manufacturing agreement.
A Belgian distributor of footwear and apparel brands (kids and adults) based in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg is looking for brands to be distributed
REQUEST from Belgium
The Belgian company distributes qualitative brands (footwear and apparel for kids and adults) for more than 50 years in Benelux. The company is focused on well-made products, with noble and sustainable materials. Five experienced salespeople are in permanent contact with the retailers in the Benelux. The company is looking for new brands of footwear, apparel and accessories for a distribution agreement. The company could also be open for a commercial agency agreement.
UK company looking for manufacturing partner for manual sheet metal working machines under manufacturing agreement
REQUEST from United Kingdom
A UK engineering company is looking to outsource the manufacture and assembly of their manual sheet metal working machines which are produced in a range of sizes and capacities. They are looking for a tool manufacturing partner to fabricate them for a long term working relationship. All products will need to meet the appropriate CE standards as specified by the company.