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Drug discovery projects on clinical candidates for the cancer immunotherapy target IDO1 and the oncology kinase TTK.
OFFER from Netherlands
Dutch biotech company with drug discovery projects on innovative targets in oncology, autoimmune disease and Parkinson's disease has developed clinical candidates for the cancer immunotherapy targets IDO1, for a small molecule target for cancer and Parkinson's disease TDO and the oncology kinase TTK. The company is looking for pharmaceutical companies interested in licensing of these drug discovery projects.
Pressure measurements in vacuum sealed devices as a device life-time assessment tool
OFFER from Slovenia
A Slovenian research institute offers its expertise and related know-how in low-pressure and outgassing related measurement systems. These skills and knowledge are essential during the R&D phase and quality control of any vacuum sealed device with a long life-time such as vacuum insulation panels, vacuum glazing, etc. in order to obtain fast feedback on pressure evolution. The institute is offering service, commercial and license agreements.
Non-toxic effect analysis for human and animal health on industrial products before marketing
OFFER from Italy
An Italian laboratory certified for Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), assess possible toxic effects on health before products are marketed via in-vivo non-clinical toxicity trials on innovative products. Products tested include: drugs, pharmaceutical and veterinary products, pesticides, cosmetics, food and feed additives and industrial chemicals. The lab seeks industrial partners in pharma, medical, feed and food sector, under services agreement or technical cooperation agreement.
In-situ, early detection technology for water and soil-borne plant diseases offered for collaborative development of crop-specific applications.
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK agri-tech SME has developed the first, in-situ early detection technology for plant disease with huge potential to improve crop yields and guide sustainable use of pesticides globally. The company seeks partners for joint development of specific applications under joint venture, research cooperation, finance and technical cooperation agreements. It also seeks partners to exploit the market opportunities across the world through commercial agreements with technical cooperation.
An Italian spin-off developed new mobile-health solutions in the field of the analysis of movement
OFFER from Italy
A spin-off of the University of Bologna developing international researches in the field of active and healthy ageing and of movement disorders, offers wearable solutions for monitoring, assessing and rehabilitating the motor function, addressed to sport and healthcare sector, hospitals, pharmaceutical producers, to test the effect of some drugs. They are mainly interested in technical and research cooperation agreements for further development in Northern Europe, USA, Asia.
Tool for assessing disability, dependence and guiding rehabilitation
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish research group has developed a tool for rating the autonomy of individuals with diverse levels of functionality, establishing rehabilitation goals, assessing the efficacy of their treatment and their evolution over time. The research group is looking for health institutions interested in using this tool via license agreement. E-health companies would also be welcomed for technical cooperation to develop further versions.
Analysis and characterization of materials at the nano- and microscale
OFFER from Sweden
A Swedish research and consultancy SME offers its expertise in analysing and characterisation on materials at the nano- and microscale. They build their custom characterization strategies around state-of-the-art separation technologies such as asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation (AF4), which allows to determine properties – like size, molecular weight, shape etc. They are looking for research agreements or service agreements with both industry and research organisations.
Microalgal biocatalysts and whole cells for the sustainable production of chemical compounds and hydrogen energy
OFFER from Germany
Researchers at a German university offer outstanding know-how on production of hydrogen and high-value products by means of biocatalysts from microorganisms. Semi-artificial and engineered in vivo systems, developed by the team, enable the generation of biotechnologically significant products like chemical compounds. Partners are sought for technical, research and service cooperation to apply research results in renewable energy and synthetic chemical production processes or for a joint venture
High flow rate active vibratory mesh nebulizer for humidification, decontamination and liquid deposition
OFFER from France
A French SME develops electronic nebulizers with different droplet size and flow rate at very low electrical consumption.This disruptive innovation is sole in the world to produce monodisperse aerosol or spray with such a high flow rate.The solution is suitable for aerosoltherapy (human & vet), humidification or decontamination applications. The SME looks for partners to integrate the technology in their own products through license,technical or commercial agreement.
Protein nanoparticle platform for game changing therapies for cancer and orphan diseases
OFFER from Germany
German scientists offer target specific drug delivery system on the basis of engineered protein nanoparticles. A major advantage of this evolutionary adapted transport system is the opportunity to encapsulate and protect different kind of payloads which enables a targeted therapy for cancer and orphan diseases with minimal side effects. The project focuses on delivery of nucleic acid based therapeutics. Industrial/academic partners from pharma are sought for financial agreement and/or licensing.