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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

U kunt een profiel laten opnemen in onze database. Deze is zichtbaar voor miljoenen ondernemers wereldwijd. Voor advies bij het opstellen van een profiel kunt contact opnemen met onze adviseurs. U kunt ook contact opnemen als u een interessant profiel tegenkomt.

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UK-based SME seeks distributors for its innovative urinary catheter bag
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK-based SME has developed a self emptying leg bag system for patients with urinary incontinence. The system enables patients to empty their own bag when and where they wish. Having achieved sales in the United States the SME is looking to expand into new markets with France, Germany and Scandinavia being of particular interest. The SME is looking for distributors to enable this with the partnership envisaged as a distribution services agreement or a commercial agency agreement.
Slovak company offers manufacturing of printed circuit boards
OFFER from Slovakia
An experienced Slovak SME in the field of electronics production offers it’s awarded and certified printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services from delivered material putting the components together, either production of control board as well as the final product. Clientele includes some of the well-known institutions, research departments and companies. The company is looking for manufacturing agreement or subcontracting business partners.
Italian company active in bio-resonance therapy method is looking for agents or distributors in Europe
OFFER from Italy
An Italian biotech SME producing medical device for bioresonance therapy,aimed at strengthening the defence mechanisms and self-regulation of the organism, is looking for partners for distribution in private or public healthcare sector all over Europe . A commercial agency or distribution services agreement is expected.
Bulgarian company specialized in manufacturing tools and metal forming machinery is looking for distribution service agreement.
OFFER from Bulgaria
Bulgarian manufacturer of band saw blades, circular saw blades, planer blades, as well as welding, setting and grinding machines for band saw blades is looking for distributors.
UK manufacturer of clear brace orthodontic teeth aligner seeks distributors throughout the world
OFFER from United Kingdom
This UK manufacturer of appliances for orthodontic therapies has recently launched a product new to the market which is a clear brace teeth alignment system. The product is made from lightweight plastic and is virtually invisible, making the alignment system more comfortable to wear than traditional braces, both in terms of looks and fit. The company is currently looking to expand sales of the product overseas and now seeks experienced dental or orthodontic distributors worldwide.
Greek SME offers all inclusive, fully supported, quality cycling trips operated in every part of Greece
OFFER from Greece
A newly founded Greek company is organizing cycling trips for tourists. The company is dedicated to cycling, offering high quality trips, fully supported and with the provision of high standards for safety and enjoyment. The end user could follow selected routes or visit any place in Greece under request. The company is looking for tour agents for commercial agency agreement.
Portable online system for resin curing monitoring under industrial conditions
OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech research centre specialised in electrical and material engineering has developed and patented a portable online system for resin curing monitoring of composite and plastic materials under industrial conditions. The monitoring system with high sensitivity of monitoring of resin curing is suitable for the analysis of hard post-cure resins and composites. The university offers commercial agreement with technical assistance to plastics or composites manufacturers.
Aqueous ferrofluids with improved magnetic heating for hyperthermia
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish Research Institution has developed aqueous ferrofluids where magnetic nanoparticles are dispersed in water using a biopolymer as a dispersing agent. They are obtained in a one-step method giving rise to stable colloidal suspensions for periods up to 6 months at physiological pH. Due to their enhanced magnetic heating they are suitable for hyperthermia therapy. Industrial partners in pharmaceutical, biomedical or chemical sector are being sought for a patent license agreement.
High-strength, biocompatible non-oxide ceramic prosthesis
OFFER from Italy
An Italian SME, active in the field of new advanced materials, developed a patented technology to manufacture high-strength, biocompatible non-oxide ceramic prosthesis. This innovative material can be applied to orthopedic and dental prosthesis and offer a safe and durable high performance. The company seeks industrial partners in the medical field interested in the patent either through exclusive or non-exclusive licence agreements or in the context of technical cooperation agreements.
Development and implementation of a competence centre for real driving emission research, testing and validation
OFFER from Germany
A German university is applying for a nationally funded project to develop and implement an innovative test centre and methodologies for reproducible and efficient research on powertrains with focus on the high requirements that arise with real driving emission (RDE) legislation. Industry partners, preferably SMEs are sought for technical and research cooperation to join the project as associated partners to benefit from the results and to participate in future EU projects on the topic.