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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.
U kunt een profiel laten opnemen in onze database. Deze is zichtbaar voor miljoenen ondernemers wereldwijd. Voor advies bij het opstellen van een profiel kunt contact opnemen met onze adviseurs. U kunt ook contact opnemen als u een interessant profiel tegenkomt.
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A Russian company is offering services focused on development of e-learning courses and human resource management automation programs
OFFER from Russian Federation
The Russian IT company from Yaroslavl region specializes in providing solutions for human resource processes automation and staff appraisal, as well as development of e-learning corporate training products of any complexity. The company is looking for partners abroad for cooperation under services agreement.
Romanian company specialized in naval construction offers subcontracting/outsourcing services.
OFFER from Romania
Romanian company specialized in ships, boats and floating structures building, maintenance and repair is offering its services to companies involved in this field of activity.
Spanish handmade footwear company seeks distributors in Europe
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish company manufacturing 100% handmade high quality footwear for men and women is looking for distributors in order to sell its products in Europe.
Spanish developer of a wireless monitoring and real time interaction platform to optimise the management of farming activity seeks distributors.
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish company offers an optimised cloud computing platform for wireless sensor networks. The aim is to create personalised services for capturing, processing and transmitting the information of the sensors, with the possibility of interaction with other devices, Application areas: agriculture and fertilisation, etc. The company is looking for trade intermediary services in the form of a distribution services agreement.
UK clothing manufacturer specialising in workwear require distributors in Europe
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK manufacturer is looking to partner with experienced workwear distributors and suppliers. The company has over 30 years of experience and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of workwear; they are now offering their range of workwear to distributors which include: boiler suits, trousers, jackets and shirts. The company work closely with clients to design unique product to match branding and address specific work place hazards.
A Polish brewery seeks trade partners for distribution agreements and offers manufacturing capacity as subcontractor
OFFER from Poland
A Polish medium-sized company from food sector specializes in production of beer and soft drinks. The company is active on the market since the year 1981. Importers and/or distributors of food products are sought. The company is also looking for any partner interested in creating a private label beverage. Cooperation based on distribution services, manufacturing and subcontracting agreements is considered.
Bulgarian manufacturer of certified cosmetic products with natural ingredients seeks distributors
OFFER from Bulgaria
A Bulgarian company, producing high-quality cosmetic products with natural ingredients is looking for distributors to pharmacies, drug stores and shops for cosmetics all around the world. The products' ingredients are carefully selected, including only essential oils- almot 98% natural ingredients. The products of the company includes cosmetics for hair care, skin care, personal hygine and body care.
Agents and distributors sought for wall infrared heating elements made of natural stone
OFFER from Germany
The German company is looking for partners in Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg interested in distributing the innovative wall infrared heating element. It is offering commercial agency and distribution services agreements.
An Irish company specialising in the production of top quality produced meat seeks distributors and franchise partners
OFFER from Ireland
This family-owned Irish company produces top quality meat and operates from ‘farm to fork’, with all aspects of the business taking place on the farm. On the farm, the company grows crops, rears livestock, processes the meat and sells the products in a newly-developed onsite shop and through personal deliveries. The company can offer all types of beef and lamb meat products. It seeks long-term partnerships with distributors and franchise partners throughout the EU.
Romanian manufacturer of biodegradable paper packaging, is looking for distribution services and subcontracting agreements
OFFER from Romania
A Romanian manufacturer of biodegradable paper packaging seeks to conclude distribution services or subcontracting agreements in France, Germany, Austria, UK and Italy in order to reach new markets.