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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Logistic and transport of motorbikes, search for partners from travel & transport industry
OFFER from Germany
A German SME active in logistics and transport is looking for a joint-venture agreement or subcontracting agreement in the logistic or travel branch. The SME has developed a system for the fast and secure loading, storing and transport of motorbikes. Sought partners are tour operators or hotel associations who offer special trips for motorbike riders and are interested to offer the transportation of bikes or logistic partners in short distance to travel destinations of motorcycle riders.
Turkish company specialized in piston rings manufacturing for automotive industry seeks distributors
OFFER from Turkey
A Turkish company in the auto spare parts sector which is specialized in manufacturing and marketing of piston rings for gas & diesel engines for cars, trucks, tractors, marine and locomotives wants to expand its sales market in Europe and is searching for distributors who would promote and sell these products in their country.
New method of structural strengthening based on smart materials to fix and control structural damages in building and civil engineering structures.
OFFER from Spain
A research group from a Spanish University, has developed a new method of active structural linear reinforcement to minimize the effect and repair structural damage as cracks in beams, columns or slabs appeared by the action of external forces. A license agreement for the exploitation of the technology is being offered to companies in the engineering and construction industry with experience in smart materials and interest in offering the development of turnkey projects to its customers.
A Spanish company specialized in the design and manufacture of a system for the conservation of wines and champagnes is looking for importers and distributors abroad.
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish company has designed accessories for the conservation of wines and champagnes for opened bottles, thanks to an innovative technology that maintains drinks in perfect condition for an extended period of time. The system of wine dispensation and conservation uses gas and special capsules for an unlimited number of bottles which can be opened/closed repeatedly without deterioration of the content. The company is looking for importers and distributors or franchise agency agreement.
A Russian producer of mushroom products seeks trade partners and distributors.
OFFER from Russian Federation
The Russian company from Tomsk region manufactures various mushroom products (dried, boiled and pickled mushrooms) from an eco-friendly region. The company is looking for partners to expand its sales market under distribution services agreement.
Slovenian manufacturer of generating sets and combined heat and power cogeneration units is looking for agents and distributors in Russia and Ukraine
OFFER from Slovenia
Slovenian company that produces gas, diesel and alternative fuels generating sets with powers from 30 to 3500kVA, and combined heat and power (CHP) cogeneration units is looking for agents and distributors in Russia and Ukraine. Agency and distribution services agreement are offered.
Romanian company producer of synthetic yarns for tire industry is looking for distributors and commercial agents
OFFER from Romania
The Romanian company is producing various types of technical yarns used in tires industry, automotive industry, sport industry, construction and electric industry, apparel and other consumer goods industry. The company is looking for commercial agencies and trade houses working in the field of technical textile. There is also interest to collaborate with tires manufacturers based on manufacture agreement.
An Irish producer of artisan farmhouse goat cheese seeks a commercial agency or distribution type agreement for its range of goat cheese products
OFFER from Ireland
This Irish family-run company and farm produces artisan cheese from the milk of its herd of free-range goats. For the cheese-making process, the company uses modern production techniques and has the capability of producing large quantities of goat’s cheese in a variety of formats for a varied customer-base. The company is accredited by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) for its production process. The type of partnership sought is a distribution or commercial agency agreement.
A Turkish company specialized in the production of pasta is looking for distribution and commercial agencies all over Europe.
OFFER from Turkey
A Turkish company specialized in producing various types of pasta is looking for distribution and commercial agencies in Europe. It’s well known for the high quality and the excellent taste of its products and in fact it uses only carefully selected top quality ingredients.
A Swedish startup company with a new developed medical product is searching distributors in Europe.
OFFER from Sweden
A Swedish startup company with a ground breaking innovation for individually adapted oxygen supply is looking for distributors in Europe. The product is a flow selector who optimises the oxygen supply for patients with reduced lung function requiring oxygen at home. The benefits of the new product are not only clinical and financial, thanks to the user-friendly design it also gives the patient an experience of increased freedom, independence and improved quality of life.