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Joystick control system for sailing boat
OFFER from France
A French SME, specialised in electronics and embedded systems, provides innovative sailing solution in order to make sailing accessible to everyone. The SME developed joystick control system so easy to control that children and disabled people in wheelchair are able to steer it and to have fun on the water. With two joysticks, it is possible to control the sails of the boat and the rudder like playing a video game. The SME is looking for commercial partners abroad under Distribution agreement.
Lightweight structural parts with non-developable forms made in aluminum honeycomb sandwich
OFFER from France
A French start-up has patented a process to make non-developable shapes with stiff and lightweight aluminum sandwich panel. This lightweight material made in aluminum honeycomb sandwich is limitless on design or shape, and so offers an alternative to composite parts. The SME is seeking industrial partners notably in transports sector (railways, automotive, aeronautics…), energy sector (wind turbines...) and other. Commercial agreements with Technical assistance are sought.
Controller Area Network (CAN) hub for high reliability and advanced testing in distributed control systems
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish university has developed a novel communication procedure and hub to build Controller Area Networks (CANs) with greater fault isolation, unprecedented testability, and compatibility with COTS components. Technology-based companies engaged in the design, implementation and test of control networks and distributed systems, in domains such as automotive, industrial automation or robotics, interested in a license or a research collaboration agreement are being sought.
Pyrolysis equipment for production of high quality activated carbon
OFFER from Belarus
Belarussian academic institute has developed a pyrolysis equipment for production of high quality activated carbon. Main advantages: - high performance (200 t/year) and efficiency - easy maintenance - continuous automated process. The institute offers technology and equipment under contracts with the customer. Cooperation in a form of commercial agreement with technical assistance or licence agreement are offered.
Method and kit for the diagnosis of lung cancer
OFFER from Spain
A research team from several Spanish hospitals has identified an epigenetic model with diagnostic value for detecting lung cancer. The combination of this highly sensitive and specific epigenetic model with standard clinical markers may help to improve lung cancer diagnosis and therefore decrease current mortality rates. Researchers are looking for a company willing to sign a license agreement (technical/R&D collaboration could be considered as well) for commercial exploitation of the kit.
Looking for procurement cooperation with prosperous company in the field of (human) nutrition products
REQUEST from Israel
A leading Israeli-based global company specializes in development, manufacturing & marketing the medical nutrition products. The company is interested in partnership with those manufacturing / marketing / developing infant formula and clinical nutrition products. Looking for acquisition / financial / joint venture agreements.
London based gluten-free food producer is looking for distribution service agreement in Europe USA and Canada
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK based family-run business, leading in the production of gluten-free artisan food products, in the form of ready-to-eat dishes, is looking for distributors. The organization company also promotes food education aiming to increase the awareness of coeliac disease and the consumption of healthy food.
Looking for industrial manufacturer of fun wheels equipped with ball bearing
REQUEST from France
A French young company is designing, developing and selling a full range of wooden ride-on toys (cars, planes, motos) for children. The SME is looking for an industrial manufacturer of coloured wheels, with ball bearing, made in polyethylene in order to equip one model of ride-on moto-type toys. These wheels should be of good quality to insure security of young users and also the longevity for the product. A long-term manufacturer partner is sought for a manufacturing agreement.
An innovative chaise-lounge for any room in the house
OFFER from Israel
An Israeli SME, which specialises in innovative approaches in the bed and mattress industry, has developed a multifunction sofa-chair construction, which widens the variety of body movement. Advantages over current chairs include various unusual angles of the bed & body, easy cleaning and specially developed pneumatic remote controller. Looking for distributors, representatives, agents to conclude distribution services, license & franchise agency agreements.
Catalan manufacturer seeks trade intermediaries for innovative car air fresheners
OFFER from Spain
A company from Catalonia in Spain, with more than 20 years of experience in plastic manufacturing, is looking for distributors and agents for an innovative air freshener for cars to introduce it in the retailing market including supermarkets, automotive accessories' chains, gas stations, DIY stores, car workshops, and so on.