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Manufacturer of different kind of upholstered chairs, benches, sofas and other seating products seeks trade intermediaries
OFFER from Turkey
A Turkish creator and manufacturer of a wide range of customizable sofas and chairs, is looking for trade intermediaries to develop its activity abroad. Partners can be distributors or sales agents with experience and a well- established network in the furniture/ decoration sector. The company works already with foreign partners and offers several sofa/ chair collections that cover all customer segments.
Image-based CAPTCHA for touch screen devices
OFFER from Spain
Researchers from a Spanish university have developed a new image-based CAPTCHA technology for touch screen devices such as mobile phones or tablets. This invention allows controlling web access, in addition to selecting and counting image elements. Also it allows for analysing and segmenting images. ICT companies engaged in the implementation and development of CAPTCHA related technologies are sought for licensing and research cooperation agreements.
Irradiation treatment system for food in public health and agro-industry sectors
OFFER from Italy
An Italian research centre has implemented a food irradiation process which permits to destroy insects, molds, fungi and pathogens that cause foodborne diseases or food spoilage. Irradiation makes food safer and spoilage resistant without compromising taste, texture, aroma, or nutritional values. Partnerships for adaptation to specific needs (equipment company, treatment laboratory, agro-industry cluster) are sought.
Tahitian company selling cosmetics products based on Monoï is looking for distributors in European and North American countries.
OFFER from France
A Polynesian cosmetics deluxe company manufactures products based on Monoï. The company has a complete range of products such as perfume, balm for hands and feet and massage candles. Each product is composed by Monoï from different odors such as vanilla. Its products are high quality products. This company based in Tahiti, is looking for distributors in European and North American countries.
Turkish manufacturer of plastic kitchenware and seating seeks agents and distributors
OFFER from Turkey
A Turkish plastics manufacturing company has specialized in the production of stadium seating, garden furniture and other plastic furniture. The company is looking to expand the company’s current foreign market and is seeking agents and distributors.
Solution for mass catering to treat food waste in-situ and reduce biowaste
OFFER from France
A French SME specialised in environmental solutions, is selling an innovative green digester fully dedicated to mass catering. The automated device insures a thermophilic aerobic digestion (70°C) for effective bio-waste (kitchen scraps, outdated food) directly turned into powder (weight reduction up to 90% within a 24h cycle). The SME is willing to find commercial partners in Europe to sell this high performing equipment under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreements.
A Serbian pharmaceutical company offers preclinical development, biocompatibility testing for medical devices, and biological testing for quality control purposes of finished pharmaceutical products
OFFER from Serbia
The Serbian company offers preclinical development (set of toxicology testing, pharmacokinetics, and some of pharmacodynamics investigations) for human and veterinary medicines and newly synthesized substances according to pharmacopoieal, OECD and GLP standards. The company also offers biocompatibility testing for medical devices, and biological quality control testing of pharmaceutical products. The company offers potential partners its services through subcontracting or service agreement.
Serbian company offers rubber extrusion profiles, molded rubber and plastics products, and brake hoses, and maintenance services.
OFFER from Serbia
The company is founded in 2007, in central Serbia. The company produces rubber and plastic based automotive products: extruded sealing rubber profiles, brake hoses and hydraulic clutch hoses, and technical rubber products. The company has exceptional business results and rapid growth. The company is looking for commercial representatives or distributors from EU countries of its final rubber and plastic parts for cars and molds, and offers maintenance services for the production equipment.
A Greek company located in Crete, producing premium extra virgin olive oil, is looking for agents and distributors
OFFER from Greece
A company, located in the province of Lasithi on Crete which is the southern island of Greece, produces, labels and bottles premium extra virgin olive oil, acidity below 0.3, Protected Destination of Origin Sitia Lasithiou Kritis. Olive oil is bottled in very elegant bottles of 375 ml and 500 ml that highlight the quality of the content. The company offers commercial agency and distribution agreements to partners who will expand its client base to their respective markets.
Game development services offered
OFFER from Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
A Macedonian innovative and dynamic IT company is offering game development services to clients wishing to create their own games. It is interested to find foreign partners for service and outsourcing agreements.