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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Advertising goods made of plastics offered under subcontracting agreement
OFFER from Poland
A Polish small company from advertising sector offers plastic gadgets and materials for POS (Points of Sale). The portfolio of this agency encompasses various devices made with use of modern technologies like 3D printing or laser cutting and engraving. The company can design customized POS materials according to clients' needs. Manufacturing capacity is offered to branch partners in a number of EU member countries. Collaboration based on subcontracting and manufacturing agreements is considered.
A French manufacturer of public restrooms is looking for distributors
OFFER from France
A French manufacturer of restrooms for public places is looking for new distributors in Europe. Automatic systems and aesthetic designs are well mastered by this company, who counts hundreds of satisfied customers around Europe. Distribution services agreements are sought.
Wall mounted heating panels manufacturer is looking for distributors
OFFER from Croatia
A Croatian based company specialized in the production of home heating devices (heating panels) seeks distributors. The panels are made of entirely natural materials such as stone or marble and are characterised by high heating features, unlimited endurance and aesthetical appeal. The company is searching for partners for intermediary co-operation (distributors) interested in the sale of their product abroad.
French company is looking for cleaned, washed and dried cartilages of skates and sharks
REQUEST from France
A French company, supplier of natural ingredients, is looking for cartilages of different species of skates, rays or sharks. These cartilages must be cleaned, washed and also dried, in order to then produce cartilages' powder in France. A manufacturing agreement is sought as soon as possible with a long term partner.
A leading Israeli company is seeking quality producers of raw materials for the feed industry for long term joint venture
REQUEST from Israel
The Israeli company is well known in the Israeli feed and food markets and have extensive trade connections with the biggest Israeli feed mills. The company deals mainly with plant-based conventional and organic raw materials and animal-based (non-mammalian) raw materials for feed. The company wishes to act under a commerical agent in the Israeli market.
Portuguese SME specialized in Telemetry and Internet of Things, remote monitoring solutions for the Oil&Gas market that improving efficiency, logistics and process for gas utilities and distributors
OFFER from Portugal
A Portuguese SME has developed Internet of Things(IoT) remote solutions for Oil&Gas downstream sector. These solutions address Liquefied Propane Gas(LPG), oil and lubricants tank monitoring, in order to avoid run outs and reduce the number of deliveries through efficient delivery. The company looks for research and also for technical cooperation agreements. The aim is to contribute for European research and development projects, according to new challenges.
Novel biotechnological production process of itaconic acid
OFFER from Germany
A German university developed an innovative way to produce itaconic acid by using genes encoding of unicellular fungi which improves the production process remarkably. The university offers a license agreement as well as a technical cooperation agreement.
Botulinum neurotoxin type A for recovery from paraplegia after complete spinal cord lesion in a murine model
OFFER from Italy
An Italian research group has developed a new therapeutic treatment based on the Botulinum neurotoxin type A (BoNT/A) to recover spinal trauma: a single spinal administration of BoNT/A after the traumatic event decreases inflammation, confers neuroprotection, preserves neurons from cell death and promotes regeneration leading to a complete recovery from paralysis and restoration of sensitivity.The Italian researchers are looking for partners for financial, technical and research cooperation.
A Basque company that has developed a commercial and industrial energy storage solution looks for partners (Commercial or License Agreement) interested in adding this solution to its portfolio.
OFFER from Spain
A Basque company specialized in power electronics and control has developed a hybrid and bidirectional inverter able to integrate solar and grid energy and store it in batteries, which can be used to increase renewable consumption and to reduce the high cost of demand charges. The company looks for manufacturer/integrator interested in adding to its portfolio energy storage solutions for the industrial and commercial sector (30 kW to MW) under license or commercial agency agreement.
Croatian company specialized in high speed industrial automation offers design and manufacturing skills
OFFER from Croatia
A well-established Croatian company, expert in high speed industrial automation, offers production of various machine parts such as high speed precision motor spindles, direct drives etc. in the form of a manufacturing agreement. The company also offers metal surface treatment, testing, optimization and maintenance of production applications, as well as development and recommendations for various industrial requirements available through services or subcontracting agreements.