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Solar biomass gasification
OFFER from Armenia
An Armenian company engaged in designing and fabrication of solar energy systems has developed a solar powered biomass gasifier, including concentrating solar technology and biomass gasification. Partners are sought for optimization of the technology under commercial agreement with technical assistance, technical cooperation agreement or research cooperation agreement.
Current collector (pantograph) with increased rotation angle is offered under license agreement
OFFER from Poland
A team of scientists from Poland has developed a new construction of current collector for trolleybuses, electric trucks and other overhead line-powered road vehicles. The offered collector can rotate to perpendicular position (make 90-degree turn) in relation to the axis of a vehicle, thus increasing its manoeuvrability. The innovation consistent with the idea of smart cities is offered under license agreement.
A Chinese company is looking for seafood distributors in European market
OFFER from China
This is a Chinese international trade company specialized in pelagic fishery, aquatic products processing, cold-chain logistics and fresh food E-commerce export business, and now they are looking for distributor in Europe market for their Pollock, Cod, Salmon and Tuna related products via a distribution agreement.
An Italian Robot Integrator company with experience in automated manufacturing tasks looks for trade intermediaries
OFFER from Italy
An Italian Robot integrator specializes in the wood sector (especially doors, windows and panels) as well as metal and plastics, seeks distributors and dealers involved in wood-metal-plastic-working machines and equipments. The Italian company, already in the market (Brasil, Poland, Denmark, Israel, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Estonia) and with an experience gained from the production and delivery of over 150 robotic solutions.
Portuguese footwear producer of a shoe that can be transformed by accessories by the wearer according to their style is looking for a commercial agreement
OFFER from Portugal
Portuguese company which produces footwear wants to expand its production to foreign markets. The company is looking for agents or footwear shops to establish a commercial agency agreement. The products are especially for the women that needs more comfort in shoes.
Portuguese company specialized in manufacture of carpets and rugs is looking for partners distributors
OFFER from Portugal
Portuguese company active in the production of carpets and rugs, for over 75 years is seeking for trade intermediar services - distributors to represent its products, specially in Germany and France, through a distribution services agreement. This company is one of the most vertically integrated group of the world's textile flooring (carpets and rugs).
Portuguese company in the field of media storage and management is looking for manufacturers and suppliers of tamper sealed bags and security seals.
REQUEST from Portugal
The Portuguese company offers management and storage services for back up media, such as tapes and hard disks. The company sells its services only domestically, and the client base is comprised by medium and large corporate customers. The company is looking for suppliers and manufacturers of tamper sealed bags, plastic and metal seals and other security solutions for custody of confidential material in order to establish a manufacturing or a distribution services agreement.
The Polish company offering logistics operations in Europe, looking for a industrial partner.
OFFER from Poland
The Polish company – logistic operator offers warehousing, logistic, quality control and packaging services. The company can offer 4000 square meters of warehousing and production area. The company is looking for industrial partners for service agreement.
A Polish company offers household and decorative ceramics through manufacturing and distribution services.
OFFER from Poland
The Polish company with a wide experience in the production of household and decorative ceramics is looking for a reliable business partner on the basis of manufacturing and distribution services agreement.
British software development company specialising in cutting edge games technology to create 2D and 3D visualisations and functional demonstrations across multiple platforms seeks service agreements
OFFER from United Kingdom
British development company based in the north east of England who specialise in the creation of visualisation, simulations and interactive demonstrations are seeking service agreements with new partners in various commercial sectors including real-estate, engineering, chemical, consumer goods, digital software and video games. The company has the expertise to develop multiple types of software pertaining to 2D and 3D art as well as animation, audio and game design.