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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Carbon fiber and composite material for food and beverage contact
OFFER from Italy
An Italian designer of composite materials products has developed a technology which allows the use of composite fibres like carbon for any type of food and beverage contact applications and devices, obtaining the advantages for strength and lightness, but also for the aesthetical, mechanic, thermal and electrical behaviour. Companies are sought for technical or commercial cooperation with technical assistance as well as licensing agreement to use this technology in further product applications.
German SME specialized in manufacturing wire bending parts and torsion springs offers manufacturing and subcontracting agreements
OFFER from Germany
A German SME specialized in manufacturing wire bending parts and springs is offering manufacturing and subcontracting agreements to industry and research partners in Switzerland and the EU (with a particular focus on Poland).
High quality impregnants for wooden products are requested for distribution in Poland
REQUEST from Poland
A Polish distributor of high quality wood oils and waxes is looking for wood impregnants manufacturers. The company operating on the Polish market since 1981 would like to enrich its products portfolio. Long-term cooperation in a form of distribution service agreement is sought.
Distribution partners for Austrian biomass power plant sought.
OFFER from Austria
An Austrian engineering and manufacturing company of biomass power plants with a novel, protected gasification process to produce combined heat, power and high-quality charcoal based on low quality wood chips, wants to extend its distribution network and is looking for partners within and outside Europe.
Polish producer of steering and suspension parts looking for distributors
OFFER from Poland
A Polish SME manufactures after-market suspension and steering parts. The company is looking for distributors active in the automotive sector.
A Taiwanese manufacturer of energy conservation panel is looking for distributors or agents in Israel, Turkey, and Romania
OFFER from Taiwan, Province of China
The Taiwanese company, which specializes in the design of energy storage products, is offering eco-friendly energy panels for paving on the road to convert gravitational energy to electricity. It is currently looking for agents or distributors who are familiar with the domestic energy market in Israel, Turkey, or Romania.
Technology of packaging extending freshness of food is offered
OFFER from Poland
A Polish scientist has developed a package that extends freshness of food. The technology is based on bioactive modifier that prevents food from going bad by inhibiting mould, yeast and bacterial growth. Cooperation in a form of license agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance is offered.
New composting procedure for the treatment of sewage sludge
OFFER from Hungary
A Hungarian SME with several years experience in composting procedures has developed a new, more useful and environmentally friendly technology for sewage sludge composting, which can be useful for sewage works or town management of regional governments. The end-product of the process has a high fertilising value, organic matter and harmonious trace element content. The company is interested in licence or commercial agreement supported by technical assistance.
A company from Lithuania, trading an environmentally friendly solid fuel - industrial wood pellets, is looking for agents and distributors
OFFER from Lithuania
A Lithuanian company is offering chemical-free and environmentally friendly industrial wood pellets, that are produced from timber waste products (sawdust, wood shavings, timber off-cuts, bark, mill residues, etc.). The company is looking for trade intermediaries under the commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement.
A furniture manufacturer from Lithuania is looking for agents and distributors
OFFER from Lithuania
The company from Lithuania, having more than 20 years experience in furniture (sofas, beds, armchairs, pouffes, chairs, tables, cabinets and etc) for home and HORECA (hotels, restaurants, catering) sector production is looking for trade intermediaries under the commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement.