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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.
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French company specialised in adapted solutions for pigging systems, sampling valves, stainers, vessels and tank protection equipment is looking for trade intermediary services
OFFER from France
A French company offers solutions to industries for reducing effluent, optimizing line cleaning, making processes secure and increasing the versatility of production lines. The SME is strengthening its presence among customers and integrators in Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic and extends its activities worldwide notably in South America. The SME is looking for trade representation with Commercial Agency Agreement.
French company designing and manufacturing a full range of valves, filtration and sampling systems is looking for distributors abroad
OFFER from France
A French SME offers a full range of small robust equipment for handling fluids both liquid and viscous. They are dedicated to the industrial sectors of Agrofood, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutics, Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Biotechnology. The SME is looking for distributors worldwide with a priority to Europe and it is also interested in finding business partners abroad which address the South America markets.
Plastics and composite materials R&D centre offers technical skills for the development of new polymer materials and innovative projects.
OFFER from France
A French R&D centre specialised in plastics and composite materials offers technical competencies for the characterization and the development of new polymer materials. The center is interested in research cooperation, technical cooperation and license agreements. They are looking for collaboration with academia, R&D centres and industrials from diverse sectors (automautomotive, transport, aerospace, food and cosmetic packaging, construction) and who are keen to develop new polymer materials.
German consulting company active in the field of business and product development, market entry and universal design in the healthcare market is looking for partners
OFFER from Germany
An internationally networked German company specialized in the development and implementation of strategies in the context of demographic change, advises and assists companies in entering the growing healthcare market. It focuses on different forms of living at an old age and designs for elderly people. Additionally, the company provides support in public relations and gives lectures to architects and retail organizations. It is therefore interested in a services agreement.
A Czech company specialized in embedded applications is looking for a commercial or distribution agreement
OFFER from Czech Republic
A Czech company specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of embedded devices, printed-circuit board design and made-to-order electronics assembly. The SME would like to enter new markets and establish cooperation with new partners based on commercial agency agreement and/or distribution services agreement.
Web tool for the monitoring of a website, online store or portal, to detect any incident and alert the owner
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish start-up has developed an innovative tool that browses the client website looking for errors. If any incident is detected it alerts the client and sends a report screenshot of the problem. This way the client do not lose money since he will be the first to know when something goes wrong on his website, e-commerce or online tool. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance.
UK based accreditation and awarding organisation seeks commercial agents overseas
OFFER from United Kingdom
This dynamic company is one of the leading accreditation and awarding organisations in the UK, with a large portfolio of qualifications and an established reputation in the industry. The company accredits a wide variety of industry-specific qualifications in such varied sectors as maritime, healthcare and hospitality, with a focus on English language skills. The company is now looking to expand and is seeking commercial agents overseas to represent its services locally.
Serbian company offers consulting services in area of biogas plants
OFFER from Serbia
A Serbian company is offering services for investors in biogas plants in Serbia and abroad. The services consist of consulting, project management, education and workshops for biogas plants, and technical and legal advising for renewable energy-biogas plants. The SME is also interested to act as a subcontractor on bigger projects.
A Romanian company offers services for sorting, inspection and rework of components and finished products for companies in the automotive industry and related
OFFER from Romania
The Romanian company is solution provider for sorting, inspection and reworking of components and finished products. The partners sought are companies in the automotive industry, manufacturing of electrical and electronic components, plastic, metal, textiles or wood processing, logistics and transportation. Based on a service agreement, employees of the Romanian company deliver the services in the partner’s location, mainly in Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria or Germany.
Solar thermal panel tracking technology for license
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK SME has developed a solar thermal panel tracking (positioning) system. This system offers better efficiency than standard fixed position systems. It can be used for all the same applications as normal solar thermal panels, but in a wider range of locations They are seeking licensing agreements with companies that have the marketing and manufacturing ability to deliver this technology to the renewable energy market in their territory.