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Serbian company offers consulting services in area of biogas plants
OFFER from Serbia
A Serbian company is offering services for investors in biogas plants in Serbia and abroad. The services consist of consulting, project management, education and workshops for biogas plants, and technical and legal advising for renewable energy-biogas plants. The SME is also interested to act as a subcontractor on bigger projects.
A Romanian company offers services for sorting, inspection and rework of components and finished products for companies in the automotive industry and related
OFFER from Romania
The Romanian company is solution provider for sorting, inspection and reworking of components and finished products. The partners sought are companies in the automotive industry, manufacturing of electrical and electronic components, plastic, metal, textiles or wood processing, logistics and transportation. Based on a service agreement, employees of the Romanian company deliver the services in the partner’s location, mainly in Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria or Germany.
Solar thermal panel tracking technology for license
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK SME has developed a solar thermal panel tracking (positioning) system. This system offers better efficiency than standard fixed position systems. It can be used for all the same applications as normal solar thermal panels, but in a wider range of locations They are seeking licensing agreements with companies that have the marketing and manufacturing ability to deliver this technology to the renewable energy market in their territory.
Seeking solution for complete replacement of antibiotic in animal semen for artificial insemination
REQUEST from France
A French innovative company specialized in animal artificial insemination, aims to replace completely the use of the antibiotic in the semen. The R&D SME is looking for active molecule or mechanical effect solution that would have a cytotoxic property or could inhibit bacteria and their metabolism. The SME is seeking partner bringing know-how, experience or method to develop a suitable solution. Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance, Technical Cooperation, License Agreement is sought.
New potential anti-inflammatory products from nature
REQUEST from Italy
An Italian research centre is building-up a network of researchers able to verify and demonstrate the efficacy of selected natural compounds able to inhibit two of the several proteins involved in the inflammatory processes: COX-2 and 5-lipoxygenase. The demonstration should be carried on through in vitro and in vivo studies. The targeted partners are public and private research centres, as well as academic researchers, for research cooperation agreements.
Technology for optimal utilization of agricultural waste and energy recovery
OFFER from Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
A researcher from Macedonia has developed technology for optimal utilization of materials and energy from agricultural waste. The technology enables utilization of all material and energy components that arise as products of the chemical processes in the reactor. The technology provides converting the chemical energy into heat and obtaining electricity in Galvan elements. This technology provides non-waste production of SiO2 and SiC nanopowder. Partners sought: joint venture agreement.
An innovative composition for the modulation of the inflammatory processes in joint and infectious diseases, such as arthritis and acne
OFFER from Spain
Researchers from a Spanish university and a biomedical research centre have obtained molecular compounds with anti-inflammatory properties. This innovative composition contains an active ingredient isolated from pig lard that modulates the inflammatory processes efficiently and reduces side effects associated to synthetic products. Pharmaceutical companies currently engaged in procedures taking active ingredients and anti-inflammatory drugs are sought for licensing agreements.
Autism disorders treatment assisted by robot
OFFER from Italy
An Italian start-up has developed an innovative software solution for "behaviour" humanoid robots, aimed at linking the market needs with social, personal and eHealth robotics. Technical cooperation partnership with companies and/or eHealth research centres are sought for developing new solutions for the treatment of diseases, in particular the autism syndrome.
French research and development center of plastics and composite materials seeks research cooperation agreements.
OFFER from France
A French R&D centre specialised in plastics and composite materials offers its 30 years old expertise to industry and research. The R&D centre is offering a wide range of services in terms of applied or fundamental research in processes and materials in plastics, polymers and composites. The center is interested in research cooperation agreements, technical cooperation agreements and license agreements.
Rapid methodology to detect Campylobacter in food through the use of DNA probes and primers
OFFER from Italy
A research group from an Italian university has developed a methodology to quickly detect contamination from Campylobacter. The presence of these bacteria in food, especially chicken, is taken very seriously by international organizations and national organisation, who have worked to reduce campylobacteriosis in humans. The university is looking for industrial partners to further develop the test and bring it to market under licensing, research and technical cooperation agreements.