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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.
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Spanish producer of auxiliary chemical products for the printing industry seeks distributors and big size printers
OFFER from Spain
A 60 year old firm from Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain), produces fountain solutions, ink cleaners and other auxiliary chemical products for the offset printing industry. The firm is able to create its own chemical formulas due to the in-house lab and R&D team. Their portfolio is completed with accessory products for the pre-press phase and press rooms’ needs, as plates, blankets or flexographic plates. They are looking for commercial agency or distribution agreements with big size printers.
An Armenian transport/logistics company is looking for subcontracting and services agreement
OFFER from Armenia
An Armenian transport/logistics company is involved in international freight forwarding by trucks. The company provides services in Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and wants to enter into EU and other markets. The company is looking for subcontracting and services agreement.
UK baby accessory specialists seek new innovative gifts and toys.
REQUEST from United Kingdom
A UK company that creates baby to child products designed to ease the strain of parenting is looking for producers or resellers that can supply innovative gifts and toys (0-4 years) under a distribution agreement in order to add to their current portfolio.
Technology offer for systolic array architecture for fast internet protocol lookup
OFFER from Turkey
A Turkish academician has developed and patented high speed packet lookup architecture for internet core routers. The invention provides high speed option to the internet protocol (IP) packet processing time in core routers. The academician is looking for joint venture, licensing and financial agreement.
Nano-flaky oil-sorbent on the base of thermally expanded graphite (TEG)
OFFER from Ukraine
A Ukrainian research institute offers the nano-flaky oil-sorbent (NFOS) with high absorption capacity based on thermally expanded graphite for absorbing and liquidation of accidental spills of organic liquids from water surfaces and sand with a high degree of purification. The partners may be: enterprises manufacturing equipment for the production of NFOS; organizations involved in liquidation of emergency situations. The aim is the conclusion of License agreement or Joint venture agreement.
Medical on-line software for both scheduling appointments and managing delays
OFFER from France
A French ICT SME has designed software to manage medical appointments and also waiting time on-line. This software allows patients to make an appointment, automatically receive a confirmation and be informed about delays. Specialist can manage their patients, agenda, prevent absences and reduce waiting time in office without losing income. The SME is seeking partners in the medical sector for Commercial agreements with technical assistance, joint venture or license agreements.
Web tool for the analysis in real time of the competitors online advertising strategy
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish start-up has developed an innovative tool that analyses competitors online advertising strategy in real time. This information allows the user to launch online advertising campaigns in a more efficient way, finding niche positioning with low levels of competition. The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Car rental network based in Greece seeks master franchisees
OFFER from Greece
The company is a growing car rental network, based on Crete in Greece. Priority of the company is to provide quality services at affordable rates and flexible terms and conditions, combined with real 24 hours. During the last years, the company made major steps in order to ensure a dynamic and leading position in the car rental market, by expanding their business in other countries, through a successful franchise system. The company seeks master franchisees from European countries.
Seeking pure anhydrous lactose powder in bags for distribution
REQUEST from France
A French SME, specialized in import/export of raw materials and ingredients for Food and Feed grade, is urgently looking for a partner able to produce pure powder of anhydrous lactose (5-10 tons) for tablets' production. The powder should be halal. A long-term partnership is sought with manufacturer under a Distribution Agreement.
Polish injection moulding company offers subcontracting services
OFFER from Poland
A Polish manufacturer of small plastic products is interested in cooperation as a subcontractor. The main products of the company are: buckles, snap hooks, tri-glide slides, loops, hangers, plastic cord ends and locks, etc. It also provides a full range of services related to professional processing of plastic and offering help at the stage of product creation, including design, production of injection forms and making prototypes which then allows to proceed to mass production.