UK company that designs and manufactures an innovative EU standard conforming heating mantle seek distributors for distribution agreements

OFFER from United Kingdom, reference: BOUK20171006001, valid from 12-10-2017 untill 18-10-2018

  • Start date:
    12 oktober 2017
  • End date:
    18 oktober 2018
  • Summary:
    The UK Company that designs and manufactures equipment for use in all chemical sectors without any exceptions have identified that existing heat mantle products available do not conform to the standards of the latest EU legislation. The company’s UK made product range is the only available heating mantle series which meets these stringent safety standards.The company is looking to build relationships with new distribution partners under a distribution services agreement.
  • Description:
    The UK company was established in 2014. The team have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing products for use in the general chemical sectors and the company is recognized in the market as a designer and producer of innovative quality products, The Directors have impressive lists of academic contacts in some of the top universities globally including MIT in the USA which helps to promote the products.

    The heating mantle range which has been designed and patented by the company is the most advanced heating mantle series currently available on the market. It has a multi-functional design and chemical resistant housing, an optional accessory allows flexible shapes of flasks from 100ml up to 1000ml.
    The innovative construction provides a more efficient heat exchange between the heating element and the flask leading to faster and more precise results. The innovative housing enables users to touch the outside of the housing which remains cool at any time during a reaction.
    The innovative technology guarantees greater laboratory safety, is user friendly and is easy to operate. The stirred version has strong stirring capacity which ensures exact mixing.
    The safety standards of the device are according to the new standard regulations: EN 61010-1:2010 (IEC 61010-1:2013).
    Top Cover and Base moulding are made ABS flame retardant plastics.
    Element is environmentally sealed assembly that is water resistant.
    Mains leads supplied are made with molded IEC plug and lead sets with a cord spec H05 V V-F
    The UK version is supplied with a mains fuse rated at 5A.
    Maximum Element temperature 450 °C.
    Stir speed (Stirred version only) 200 – 800 rpm.

    The company is looking for distributers with contacts or clients in the general chemical sectors with whom they can build distribution services agreements
Partner Sought
  • Type of Partnership Considered:
    Distribution services agreement
  • Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:

    Potential distribution partners should have existing clients working across a variety of organisations in the chemicals or scientific sector

    SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250

  • Development stage:
    Already on the market
  • IPR Status:
    Patents granted
  • Market keywords:
    Speciality/performance materials: producers and fabricators
    Industrial chemicals
    Speciality/performance chemicals
    Other speciality chemicals
    Other chemicals and materials (not elsewhere classified)
  • Technology keywords:
    Analyses / Test Facilities and Methods
  • NACE keywords:
    Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
  • Advantages and Innovations:
    The heating mantle range is the only one available on the market which meets the most recent EU regulation it is designed to be safer to use.
    The innovative construction provides a more efficient heat exchange between the heating element and the flask leading to faster and more precise results.
    The new heating element and the electronics are protected against discharge of fluid.
    Other unique features
    The innovative housing enables users to touch the outside of the housing at any time during a reaction; suitable for round flasks from 100 ml to 1000 ml; maximum device temperature of 450°C; efficient heat transmission between heating element and flask; there are 10 step less levels of temperature control for more exact temperature regulation; LED- display shows state of operation chemical-resistant housing made of ABS flame retardant material; high capacity stirring functionality; twin fused for added polarity safety/ easy to operate and space-saving design
  • Type and Size of Organisation:
    Industry SME <= 10
  • Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation
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  • Country of origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Languages spoken
    • English
    • German
    • French