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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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A Turkish manufacturer of honey products is looking for distribution services agreements
OFFER from Turkey
The Turkish company is expert in packaging and exporting apiculture (honey) products in different varieties and weights of glass jars and plastic packages. The company offers different types of bee honey such as pine honey, multi flora honey and chestnut honey with its own brand as well as for private labels of business partners. The company is looking for partners to make distribution services agreements.
Polish confectionery is looking for distribution or manufacturing agreement
OFFER from Poland
This Polish company operates in the food industry and it is specialised in confectionery production. They manufacture chews, caramels, chocolate sweets and various other candies. The firm is looking for partners under distribution services agreement. They are also ready to supply a partner with private-label products under manufacturing agreement.
Robotic ankle for research.
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish technological company has developed a robotic ankle for research related to rehabilitation, biomedicine, and sports. It is an open system that can be fully controlled and programmed by the researcher and is equipped with different sensors. The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
A Macedonian company, active in the field of wholesale of vegetables and fruits, is looking for distributors
OFFER from Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
A Macedonian company specialized in wholesale of natural products is looking for partners to distribute its canned fruits and vegetables. The company is interested in distribution service agreements.
A Macedonian company, specialized in software development, is offering software expertise and solutions with interest in automotive and space industry through service and outsourcing agreement
OFFER from Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
A Macedonian IT company offers software expertise and solutions, with interest in automotive and space industry, from idea to complete solution as well as business services. The company is interested in services and outsourcing agreement with foreign partners.
Smartphone outdoor navigation solution for blind and visual impaired people
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish ICT company has developed an accurate and reliable smartphone outdoor navigation solution for blind and visual impaired people. It provides sensory guidance based on the integration of 3D sounds and advanced satellite navigation technologies. The company is looking for license agreements.
Spanish manufacturer is looking for international distributors of its complete range of car care products with exclusive package design
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish manufacturer has developed and new complete range of car care products. The products stand-out for its quality and their exclusive package design, not common in this kind products. The company is looking for international distributors
German SME offers technical filing services for CE marking directives for products and devices to be sold on the European market. Partners for outsourcing agreement are sought.
OFFER from Germany
A German IT consulting company is offering expertise and services regarding CE (Conformité Européenne) - compatible technical filing to manufacturers and export firms, who want to develop and sell their products on the European market. The company is seeking partners for an outsourcing agreement.
Hungarian company from the field of injection moulding is looking for foreign partners under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement
OFFER from Hungary
A Hungarian company offers its own manufactured plastic parts and injection moulding services to European companies. The SME is looking for producers or assembly factories who need suppliers of plastic products or such companies who do not produce plastic parts and therefore outsource the manufacturing process of these parts to a third party. The types of partnership considered are manufacturing or subcontracting agreements.
Japanese company specialised in air compressors and spray equipment seeks distributors in the EU
OFFER from Japan
A Japanese company has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting spray equipment and air compressors and is currently looking for distributors in the EU. The partner sought should have a broad experience and a good network in paint spray equipment sales with various end users in automobile, plastic, leather and other alike industries. The partnership would be concluded under a distribution services agreement with large or small hardware/spray equipment sellers.