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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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An Italian manufacturer of CBD (cannabidiol)/ CBG (cannabigerol)-based products is offering its collaboration under a manufacturing agreement and it is also interested in distribution or commercial agency agreements
OFFER from Italy
The Italian company produces high quality CBD oils, gold paste distillate and CBD (cannabidiol) / CBG (cannabigerol) crystal isolates. All the products are made from CO2 supercritical extraction. The company is interested in commercializing its products abroad and is looking for trade intermediary services (agents and distributors). It can supply also private label products and for this reason is interested in a manufacturing agreement with partners in EU and extra-EU countries.
Bulgarian developer and producer of transmitting electronic devices and systems is looking for distribution and manufacturing agreements
OFFER from Bulgaria
Bulgarian company is specialized in the development and production of electronic systems and devices in the field of security, communication and monitoring of processes and apparatus. The company is looking for partnerships for the development and production of electronic systems under distribution service and manufacturing agreements.
An Israeli international leader in quality spring production seeks manufacturing agreement
OFFER from Israel
This Israeli company is a leader in quality international spring production, providing complete spring solutions and manufacturing abilities to fit clients’ needs. Currently the company creates springs for various industries and offers individualized spring engineering services.They are looking to create global partnerships in the form of a joint venture agreement, manufacturing agreement, outsourcing agreement or through subcontracting with German, Polish, Hungarian, USA or Indian companies
German supplier of auger flights of conveyors and other machinery is looking for manufacturing agreements
OFFER from Germany
A German SME active in the production and sales of customer specific auger flights for the production of conveyors, mixers, sorting systems and snow blowers in different application areas i.e. construction branch and food and pharmaceutical industry is searching for manufacturing agreements.
An Israeli company specialized in ballistic ceramic materials for the defense and aerospace industry is seeking a manufacturing or distribution services agreement
OFFER from Israel
This Israeli company develops and manufactures specialty solutions for high end ballistic armor, employing state of the art ceramic materials, to serve the body armor, aircraft, marine and vehicle armoring market. This world leader in design and manufacturing of customized systems, modules and parts fabricated from various advanced ceramics, is looking for a global partnership in the form of a manufacturing, joint venture, distribution services or license agreement, or through subcontracting.
UK-based engineering and industrial technology firm offers flexible and efficient indirect heating solutions under licensing agreement
OFFER from United Kingdom
The UK-based company is a design and engineering firm, specialising in optimisation and decarbonisation of process heat. The company has developed solutions for water bath heater upgrades, combining fast response and precision control with reliability and efficiency required for critical thermal processes. They are looking to partner with providers of bath heaters under a licensing agreement in order to offer their technology and enter new markets.
Distribution partners and commercial agents sought for innovative fully automated sampler robots for biomass, pulp, concentrate and other solid and granular materials
OFFER from Finland
A Finnish company offers a new solution for automated biomass, pulp, concentrate, agrofood industry sampling and is looking for commercial agents, distributors and owner’s engineering companies to boost growth. The novel technology is innovative and fully automated and allows taking representative samples from the truck or train wagons before unloading. It works for several types of solid and crushed materials.
Portuguese pastry and confectionery manufacturer is searching for distributors for its products through distribution services agreement
OFFER from Portugal
Portuguese company from Madeira Island specialized in the production of traditional regional cakes, biscuits and candies, such as honey cake (sugar cane honey), honey biscuits and candy, is looking for distributors to sell its products abroad through distribution services agreement.
A Turkish company specialized in office furniture looks for commercial agents and distributors and offers manufacturing agreement
OFFER from Turkey
A Turkish company which is located in Ankara has been specialized in office furniture such as office chairs, manager chairs, multifunctional chairs, sofas, cafe furniture, meeting room furniture etc. The company looks for distributors and commercial agents and offers manufacturing agreement to increase its market share abroad.
Romanian distributor of UV-C lamps and bactericide devices seeks international business partners under distribution agreements
OFFER from Romania
A Romanian company specialises in the distribution of lamps and bactericide devices based on UV-C light. The company distributes a wide range of UV-C based lamps and bactericide devices enabling disinfection of air and surfaces in various fields of activity including healthcare, education, HORECA etc. The company is interested in identifying new international business partners to conclude distribution agreements.