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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Ukrainian University invented Frenel solar energy concentrator, which produce electricity and heat water
OFFER from Ukraine
University, located in Ukraine, Odessa has developed a solar energy concentrator, which is based on Frenel mirrors. It can be used as a block of solar energy stations for getting electricity and heating various objects (e.g. water) and for other purposes in technological processes of various types of production. University can propose development of innovation in cooperation, license for manufacturing or search of factories for organizing manufacturing.
A Ukrainian manufacturer of quartz kitchen sinks is looking for reliable partners (distributors, dealers)
OFFER from Ukraine
The Ukrainian quartz kitchen sink manufacturer is located in Kiev, Ukraine. Today the company has a representative in Belgium, Netherlands and Bulgaria. The company is looking for exclusive representatives and dealers around the world. Interested in expanding its dealer network, the Ukrainian manufacturer is looking for reliable partners under a distribution agreement.
Producers of high-quality food (stew) with innovative packaging in Ukraine are seeking distributors and wholesale buyers in foreign markets
OFFER from Ukraine
The company was founded and is located in Ukraine. Its business relates to the food industry, in particular to producing ready-to-consume long-term storable food (stew). The producers are looking for potential partners (wholesale buyers, retailers or vendors) who seek to deliver high-quality and long-term storable food (stew) from Ukraine in their country of origin. The company seeks to conclude a distribution agreement.
Expertise offered on advanced thermal engineering systems and technologies
OFFER from Ukraine
Ukrainian University offers cooperation in development of complex thermal engineering systems and technologies for aerospace and other industrial sectors on the basis of heat transfer loops and heat exchangers with compensation/evaporation and two-phase flows (water, freon, ammonia, carbon dioxide, cryogenic fluids, air-water mixtures). The company is now looking to develop its technology and know-how and is looking for partners in Europe. Research cooperation agreement is envisaged.
Ukrainian honey producer is looking for partners under distribution services agreements
OFFER from Ukraine
A Ukrainian manufacturer of natural and colored honey, as well as other premium products such as propolis, is looking for European partners in order to conclude distribution services agreements.
An Ukrainian company engaged in producing rubber products is looking for partners abroad under manufacturing agreement
OFFER from Ukraine
The Ukrainian company is a research-and-production enterprise specializing in improving the reliability and wear-life of mining equipment due to the design and manufacture of special rubber lining and other rubber technical products of high quality. A manufacturing agreement is offered to partners seeking a reliable contract manufacturer.
Ukrainian supplier of food products seeks distributors, importers and commercial agents
OFFER from Ukraine
A Ukrainian supplier of food products seeks food distributors, importers and commercial agents. The company is located in Odessa, South of Ukraine. It offers: honey and honey products, tomato paste, birch juice, wheat flour, sunflower oil, linseed oil, corn oil, spaghetti and others. The company offers products under their own brand, as well as under private label and by bulk. The company has a well-managed, powerful organizational structure and scores in the industry sector globally.
An Ukrainian manufacturer of friction and braking products is looking for distributors and commercial agents
OFFER from Ukraine
An Ukrainian manufacturer of brake pads, brake linings, brake blocks, clutch facings, sealant materials and other friction and braking products has been present on the friction products market for 40 years. The plant is a manufacturer of brake components for automotive, railway, quarry and other industries. It is certified in accordance with all of EU standards and requirements. The company is looking for commercial agents and distributors.
A Ukrainian producer of candied fruit is looking for partners under distribution services and commercial agency agreements
OFFER from Ukraine
This small Ukrainian family workshop from Kiev, engaged in the manufacturing of candied fruits and jam from natural products, offers these products to foreign partners under distribution services and commercial agency agreements.
Manufacturer of tea from Ukraine is looking for manufacturing and distribution agreements
OFFER from Ukraine
This Ukrainian company is producing natural and organic herbal teas and tea mixes. The company’s products are already well known in the local market. The company wants to expand its sales in foreign markets and is looking for a distribution services agreement or manufacturing agreement.