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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Subcontracting in injection moulding and compression moulding is offered
OFFER from France
French company specialized in injection and compression of thermosets and composite as well as thermoplastic injection, is offering its services as a subcontractor to European companies. The French company is an established, independent and medium-sized manufacturer for the train, aeronautics, energy, lightning, building, medical and sport sectors or the electrical industry.
French company is looking for subcontractors in European countries in the sector of electric drives and electro magnetic solutions
REQUEST from France
A French company in the field of electric motor and generator design is looking for subcontractors in the same sector, in Europe. This company customizes products with different options adapted to the customers’ requirements and would like to enlarge its solutions and expertise.
French company offering management of project support seeks partners for outsourcing agreement
OFFER from France
A small French company, specialized in project management support (process, development of tools, follow up) is interested in an outsourcing agreement partnership in Europe to complete their range of services and enter new markets.
French company offering eco-friendly weed killers, is looking for a distributor
OFFER from France
A French company specialized in development and sale of environmental products is looking for a European distributor of its certified eco-friendly weed killers.
A French company is looking for partners to install and/or maintain displaying multimedia equipment under services agreement
REQUEST from France
A French company is looking for partners in Europe to install or maintain multimedia equipment like digital signage, kiosks, video conference, video projection, audio, cabling. Services agreements are offered to partners especially in European countries.
A French manufacturer of craft gin and cold brew offers distribution services agreements
OFFER from France
A SME from France which manufactures under its own brand craft gin and cold brew is looking for new partners in order to place its products under distribution services agreements.
French agent is looking for suppliers of souvenirs and gifts related to animal and mountain themes
REQUEST from France
French sales agent selling souvenirs and gift objects to zoos’, aquariums’, chasms', caves’ gift shops, and to mountain resort shops, is looking for new products to commercialize on the French market. The sales agent is looking for commercial agency agreement only.
Development and manufacturing of electrospun innovative devices
OFFER from France
A French SME providing contract R&D and manufacturing services in the biomedical field and microtechnologies, is working on the development of medical devices for tissue regeneration. During 5 years, the company has investigated the design and the manufacturing of electrospun medical devices mainly in the vascular and dental fields. The company is looking for research projects where its electrospinning skills can be used to develop and manufacture innovative medical devices (e.g. NMBP-21-2020).
Energy storage solution valuing low carbon available energy through lost heats for industries and renewables producers
OFFER from France
A French innovative company that offers energy storage solution to industries willing to improve their energy efficiency by lost heats recovery and to renewables producers is looking for partnerships through commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement, manufacturing agreement or financial agreement. The company support the implementation of its solutions from diagnosis of the energy deposit to the implementation of its technologies and performance monitoring.
French manufacturer of smart knee pad to practice rehabilitation remotely at home looks for distributors
OFFER from France
This French company developed and tested a connected knee pad for rehabilitation on the French market. Rehabilitation is subscribed by a surgeon and/or a physiotherapist who can follow the advancement of the rehabilitation program live and adapt it if deemed necessary. This highly technological product invites its users to manage their rehabilitation and recovery with responsibility and autonomy at home.To extend its market, the company is currently looking for distributors in Europe.