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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Manufacturer of promotional items for the brewing and beverages industries is looking for commercial agents
OFFER from Belgium
The Belgian company manufactures promotional items for the brewing and beverages industries. Main products are in metal and the company uses the latest technologies (CAD, CAM, 3D moulding, laser cutting etc.) to produce customized advertising material based on the needs of the clients. The company is looking for commercial agents in Europe that are active in the breweries, alcohol and soft sectors.
Pioneering Belgian company for in vitro testing of skin care and dermatological products is offering services or collaboration to develop new therapeutics for inflammatory skin disorders
OFFER from Belgium
The Belgian SME is a research-based service provider making use of innovative skin models and methods to address efficacy & mechanisms of action of new products. In the context of chronic inflammatory skin diseases, the SME has developed specific models mimicking atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. These models are validated and respond positively to treatment with different benchmarks. The SME is looking for partners involved in new drug/product discovery and development for technical cooperation.
A belgian start-up is looking for partners active in the micromobility sector including innovative solutions not yet on Brussels market to conclude commercial agreements with technical assistance.
REQUEST from Belgium
A belgian start-up based in Brussels is launching a hub on mobility which will inform, guide and advice all types of users on the soft mobility options. Products in the micromobility sector related to alternative mobility or micromobility are requested. The partner should be able to provide products for demonstration, technical assistance to assist the requests from the customers as well as repair and maintenance programs. Commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought.
Belgian manufacturer of charging points for electric and hybrid vehicles is looking for distribution partners
OFFER from Belgium
The Belgian manufacturer of charging points for electric and hybrid vehicles is looking for distribution partners outside Belgium. Possible partners could be sales agents or installation companies that already install solar panels and home batteries, but are looking to expand their product range. The company focusses on e-mobility and offers different services and products. One of them are the charging points. Expanding to other European countries is a logical next step.
A Brussels SME providing Software as a Service which optimizes building controls through automated predictive control is looking for technical partners to cooperate also in consortia for H2020 calls
OFFER from Belgium
The Brussels-based SME provides Software as a Service which optimizes building controls through automated predictive control. It combines forecast data and artificial intelligence to match user needs and deliver up to 40% of energy and CO2 emissions savings and reduction in operational costs. The company is looking for partners for technical collaboration and to respond to the H2020 call LC-SC3-B4E-3-2020 on upgrading smartness of existing buildings, under a research cooperation agreement.
Brussels based SME that developped a modular, low carbon, autonomous tiny housing box is looking for partners that can provide sustainable technologies to improve the energy management systems used in the housing boxes
REQUEST from Belgium
A Brussels SME has developed a light weight, autonomous type of housing with low environmental impact. The container style mobile housing unit is autonomous in terms of water and energy use and built with sustainable construction and zero emission technologies. The SME looks for partners to improve the technologies (e.g. sustainable batteries, PV and water purification system, home automation) applied in the housing box. The company is looking for technical and commerial cooperation agreements.
Belgian developer and producer of plastic food packaging seeks producers of food or retailers of packaging in European countries to work with under a manufacturing agreement
OFFER from Belgium
The medium sized family business from Belgium is specialized in the development and production of single-use plastic food packaging. It offers a wide range of products, from cups and trays, to containers for ice cream or vegetables and ready meals. The company is looking for business partners to cooperate with under a manufacturing agreement. These partners are producers in the food industry and / or retailers packaging to food producers, e.g. major supermarket chains and catering wholesalers.
Seeking a provider of metallic filters and non-coated porous metallic monolith / substrate
REQUEST from Belgium
A Belgian consortium specialised in catalytic solutions is looking for non-coated metallic monolith / substrate of different shapes with a honeycomb-like pore geometry. The product will be used in pilot testing at industrial partner's facility prior to industrialisation. The research group is searching for a supplier of this type of metallic substrate.
Belgian company specialized in manufacturing and trading of tanker trucks for fuel distribution is looking for trade intermediaries
OFFER from Belgium
Belgian company offers a broad range of tanker trucks for ADR applications (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route, a treaty governing transport of hazardous materials). In order to support its sales team worldwide, the company is searching trade intermediaries worldwide. The cooperation will be based on a commercial agency or a distribution agreement.
Patented technologies for the decontamination of soils polluted by organic contaminants
OFFER from Belgium
A Belgian company specialized in thermal desorption offers its own sustainable systems to decontaminate a wide range of polluted soils by in situ thermal desorption (without excavation) or on site, while recovering energy. Its patented technologies are offered to companies active in soil remediation or in the construction sector for international commercialization under a license or commercial agreement with technical assistance or for further cooperation with a technical cooperation agreement.