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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Producer of the most effective Israeli heavy fuel treatment which meets international environmental standards in particulates emissions is offering service agreements and looking for distributors.
OFFER from Israel
An Israeli SME has developed a unique heavy fuel additive which enables total combustion of this fuel and meeting EU particulate emission standards in the. The company is looking for distribution partners and also trade services agreements.
A Czech company offers testing services in specialised laboratories
OFFER from Czech Republic
The Czech SME is a testing institute with a focus on transport technology. It offers testing in three laboratories: -Fire safety laboratory - Static and dynamic laboratory testing - Reliability testing laboratory. The company also helps to understand the requirements of various standards and relation to test results. Beyond the testing it provides an education in expert areas of the operation. Czech SME is looking for agencies or a partner via distribution or services agreement.
Spanish manufacturer of centrifugal pumps is looking for distributors
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish company that manufactures and designs centrifugal pumps for a wide range of sectors ( industry, building services, industrial plants, commercial buildings, chemical plants, power stations, petrochemical industry, water and sewage treatment plants, …) is looking for distribution agreements with international partners.
Hungarian company is seeking distributors and agents to sell and represent its fruit-based dietary supplement mainly in Middle-Eastern and Asian countries
OFFER from Hungary
Hungarian company produces exclusive, gel-consistency, fruit-based dietary supplement containing natural ingredients. This product can be an ideal supplement of any health-conscious nutrition, including but not limited to vegetarian and other special diets. Beyond Europe's borders, the key to the expansion is the distribution and representation of these products through distribution services and commercial agency agreements.
A Greek SME, which developed an online platform offering business consulting guidance for prospective entrepreneurs and start-ups, is looking for commercial agency agreements
OFFER from Greece
An SME from Greece has developed an online platform, which provides consulting services through the use of questionnaires and calculators to prospective entrepreneurs who need guidance on starting their business. The Greek company is looking for partners, communication and/or marketing companies with experience in IT services, to establish long term commercial agency in order to promote the platform.
Spanish manufacturer of a universal wetsuit hanger is looking for commercial agency agreements
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish SME has designed and manufactured a universal wetsuit hanger that allows to dry wetsuits used in any water sport in a very convenient way. It can be attached to any flat surface such as a van door thanks to the incorporated suction cups. The company is looking for commercial agency agreements.
UK kitchen textile business seeks printed linen and cotton fabric supplies and completed products to enhance their product range.
REQUEST from United Kingdom
This Northern Ireland (UK) kitchen textile business seeks manufacturing agreements with mills throughout Europe who can produce printed 100% linen and/or 100% cotton fabric. They also seek innovative kitchen textile products to add to their range.
A Romanian family business producing artisanal jams and preserves is looking for specialty stores in Europe for long term distribution agreements
OFFER from Romania
A small Romanian family business is making jams and preserves’ delicacies, only from seasonal fruits locally grown, with low sugar and no artificial additives. All products are made using traditional methods and most of them are based on old Romanian recipes. The company has been already engaged in transnational cooperation and is searching for specialty and gourmet stores for long term distribution agreements.
A Romanian company is offering its graphic and web design services through a services agreement
OFFER from Romania
The Romanian company is a publicity agency that offers specialized services, such as: concept creation of logo designs and visual identity pack of the brand in order to promote and define the customers products/services (business cards, letter heads, flyers, catalogues, presentation maps, labels, posters etc.); characters design for books and web design. The company is offering its services under a services agreement.
A Polish company specializing in the manufacture of composite reinforced concrete for glass fiber and basalt fiber is looking for distributors
OFFER from Poland
This Polish company produces glass fibre and basalt composite rods, using materials with high-quality standards. Composite reinforcement bars are an innovative product that is gaining increasing interest in the construction industry worldwide. The advantages of composite bars are: stretch resistance, corrosion resistance, magnetization and temperature, lightness. The company is looking for distributors.