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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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An Ukrainian company, manufacturing high quality furniture, is looking for distributors
OFFER from Ukraine
The Ukrainian company operates in the furniture industry since 1993. This Ukrainian manufacturer presents a vast range of interior furniture: comfortable sofas and armchairs, cozy beds, chairs, exquisite cabinet furniture and stylish accessories. In addition to home furniture, the company produces furniture for hotels and luxury housing. The company is seeking partners across the European market to develop its business.
A manufacture company from Serbia is looking for distributors for its innovative lures.
OFFER from Serbia
A Serbian company specialised in manufacturing and distribution of innovative fishing lures for all types of fishing waters (river/lake/sea) and all fish sizes (50g-300kg) is looking for partners through distribution agreement. The company offers also its manufacturing services through manufacturing agreement.
Spanish company offers an innovative service for solving any engineering challenge through a worldwide engineering community
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish company offers a service that provides innovative engineering solutions to any company facing an engineering challenge. For this purpose, the company has created a growing worldwide community of 7500+ engineers with different specialties (mechanical, electrical, robotics, IoT…).Once a challenge has been defined, the community starts working in order to provide the best solution and to reach a detailed and well-defined proposal. The kind of partnership sought is services agreement
Romanian company offers laser cutting for textile, plastic injection molding and sewing packaging products under distribution services or subcontracting agreements.
OFFER from Romania
A Romanian company is specialized in laser cutting for textile, plastic injection molding and tailor made sewing packaging products. They offers a various range of plastic and textile items for automotive, banks, fashion, construction industry, freight and courier services, treasury, food industry and others. The company is looking for distribution services or subcontracting agreements to produce tailor made plastic or sewing packaging products on customer demand.
Israeli manufacturer of premium quality castings seeks new partners under joint venture, manufacturing and subcontracting agreements
OFFER from Israel
An Israeli company with 38+ years of experience is one of the leaders in aluminum castings, offering its customers in aerospace, medical, printing, transportation and other industries sand, permanent mould and pressure die castings form various aluminium alloys, as well as complementary machining and finishing of castings according to the highest standards requirements and fast production of 3D patterns. The company is looking for joint venture, manufacturing and subcontracting agreements.
High voltage electrochemical oxidation technology to form decorative and hardwearing aluminium oxide coatings on aluminium alloys
OFFER from Belarus
A Belarus R&D institute developed a technology of high voltage electrochemical oxidation. The technology is used to form hardwearing aluminium ceramic coatings on products from aluminium alloys. Coating properties: hardness up to 8 GPa; roughness < 0,05 µm; thickness up to 70 µm. The institute is looking for industrial partners or R&D organisations for commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement or research cooperation agreement.
A French technology transfer office offers new treatment against spinal muscular atrophy
OFFER from France
A French technology transfer office (TTO) offers new treatment against spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a rare disease without any available treatment. This innovative treatment uses flunarizine for the relocation of the survival motor neuron (SMN) protein into an accessory body in neurons named Cajal body. The TTO is looking for pharmaceutical corporates or biotech companies, either for a licensing agreement or a technical cooperation agreement in case of further development.
French Technology Transfer Office proposes a optical-driven tweezers with a haptic interface for micro-manipulation
OFFER from France
The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the Paris region that has developed new optical tweezers for micro-manipulation with a haptic interface that allows to "feel" a single cell or a micro element. The French public research centre is looking for partners for a technical cooperation or license agreement.
Spanish plastic modular roofing system manufacturer seeks roofing distributors in Europe
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish company specialized in manufacturing of roofing system made of recycled materials and nanotechnology, is seeking roofing distributors in different EU countries. Features: light material 7.9 kg/m2, 100% PVC-free, recyclable, access to natural light where necessary, no maintenance, resistant to extreme weather conditions and easily walkable. The distributors would sell it to roofing installers and construction companies for building-refurbishment and new construction.
Agents and distributors are sought by Armenian fruit drinks manufacturer
OFFER from Armenia
The Armenian company, with almost 10 years of experience in the food sector, offers sugar free fruit drinks from wild berries sweetened with honey and is looking for long term cooperation in the framework of commercial agency and/or distribution services agreement. The company may offer fruit drinks under its own brand as well as under the private label of another company based on request.