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In deze databank staan ondernemers die op zoek zijn naar agenten, distributeurs of productiepartners. Of naar partners voor technologische ontwikkeling, licentieovereenkomsten en R&D. Er staan duizenden (anonieme) profielen in uit ruim 60 landen.

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Polish honey producer seeks agents and distributors
OFFER from Poland
A company based in Poland, specialised in the production of many types of honey is looking for new partners abroad under distribution and commercial agency agreements.
Subcontracting services offered within development of geothermal projects
OFFER from Germany
A German engineering and consulting company with focus on deep geothermal energy, deep drilling technology and special machinery design is offering engineering and consulting services in geothermal projects under a subcontracting agreement. It is looking for private or public partners to participate in international tender processes in geothermal sector or special machinery sector.
Hungarian company offers for distribution a new dimension of snacking - crunchy, flavorful and healthy fruit and vegetable snacks
OFFER from Hungary
Hungarian freeze dried healthy snack company is looking for wholesalers and distributors in the European healthy food market, mainly in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Nordic countries, Benelux countries and Poland. The company offers additive and preservative free fruit and vegetable snacks for health-conscious consumers.
A Romanian port operator is offering handling services to worldwide partners through services agreement.
OFFER from Romania
The Romanian company is specialized in handling and manoeuvring operations using industrial equipment. They deal with vessel/ terminal operations and offer their services to international companies that perform maritime and river activities in Constanta Port.
Montenegrin recruitment and HR consultancy company offers its services to recruitment agencies from EU.
OFFER from Republic of Montenegro
A Montenegrin company has experience in sourcing executive, professional and administrative personnel for its extensive client database is looking to establish and expand a services relationship with a recruitment agency based in EU.
Technology for production of pellets from black/brown coal dust that increases its energy value is offered for licensing
OFFER from Czech Republic
Czech inventor developed a technology for production of coal pellets from black or brown coal, useable as fuel in deferent types of coal and pellet boilers. The technology enables to produce pellets from the coal dust and thus increase the energy value of the material. Inventor is looking for a license partner capable to start a mass production of the fuel.
An experienced Spanish construction company offers itself as subcontractor for any company interested in developing construction and forestry projects in Spain
OFFER from Spain
A Spanish company dedicated to the construction sector (private and public construction) with over 18 years of experience, searches for partners interested in the access to the construction market in Spain and offers itself as subcontractor for any company interested in developing construction projects in Spain.
A Lithuanian company, specialising in a tire recycling, is looking for rubber production distributors in Baltic and Scandinavian countries
OFFER from Lithuania
A Lithuanian company recycles tires by using a unique tire shredding technology. It then manufactures rubber into granules, that is used for rubber tiles and such products. The company is looking for partners from Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark to enter new markets under the distribution services agreement.
Seeking distributors in Norway, Sweden and Finland for breath analysis monitors that help gastroenterologists investigate gut function
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK company is looking for distribution partners for their breath analysis monitors that help gastroenterologists, dietitians and paediatricians investigate gut function. The monitors analyse the level of hydrogen and methane in a patient's breath that is caused by the breakdown of food in the gut and can be used to help diagnose gastrointestinal disorders. They are seeking companies already working in the healthcare sector from Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Seeking distributors for a range of breath analysis monitors that are motivational aids to help users quit smoking
OFFER from United Kingdom
A UK company is looking for distribution for their breath carbon monoxide (CO) monitors that are motivational aids to help people quit smoking. Through breath analysis, the monitors measure the amount of harmful CO on a smoker's breath. This is an easy way to establish a person's smoking status whilst measuring their smoking cessation progress. They are seeking distributors already operating in the healthcare sector in Germany, Portugal, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia and Slovenia.