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    A polish company is looking for distribution partners or agents to spread and promote a wide range of natural cosmetics dedicated for people with sensitive, atopic and allergy-prone skin as well as for mothers-to-be and babies.
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  • OFFER from Poland, reference: BOPL20200714001, valid from 14-07-2020 untill 29-07-2021
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    29 juli 2020
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    29 juli 2020

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    BCD offer
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    14 juli 2020
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    29 juli 2021

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    The Polish company was established in 2010 by a chemist, cosmetologist and quality manager by profession who has been working as a technologist for over a dozen years and creates recipes for modern natural cosmetics.
    An universal formulation of the cosmetics is suitable for mothers-to-be, babies from the first day of their life as well as for people with sensitive, atopic and allergy-prone skin and gives the possibility of multiple applications. Combination care for this extraordinary target group is possible, as both need a soothing cream, an oil which elasticizes and strengthens the lipid skin barrier, a gentle washing gel based on saponins and a balm for abrasions or irritation – for the baby especially under diaper area.
    The cosmetics are suitable for very sensitive, atopic and allergy-prone skin because the company uses ingredients as natural as possible (minimum 98.9% of ingredients are naturally derived, this percentage is not an empty marketing declaration, but calculated according to the international standard ISO 16128). The cosmetics are free from parabens, silicones, mineral oils and dyes. In leave-on products the company does not use a fragrance – their smell results directly from the ingredients used, while in a rinse-off product (washing gel) there is used a very low concentration (0.1%) of a fragrance composition that does not contain any potential allergens.
    When choosing multi-purpose products, it may be gained a ready-made patent for cost-effective and reasonable skin care for people with sensitive skin, mums and babies, and basing of nature and biotechnology makes it a carefully thought-out and informed choice.
    The company is looking for distribution partners or agents to spread and promote the natural cosmetics under commercial agency and/ or distribution services agreements. Partners from whole EU are welcome.
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    • Healthcare

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    • The natural cosmetics are safe to be used during pregnancy, for infants and during puerperium.
    • They are hypoallergenic and safe for people with skin allergies and AZS-type diseases - the new version will also have a recommendation of the PTCA - Polish Society of Atopic Diseases.
    • They are 100% or over 99% natural, and the content of raw materials is calculated on the basis of ISO 16128. The fragrance compositions used are hypoallergenic and natural.
    • Their composition is rich in innovative biotechnological raw materials. For example, CM Glucan Forte used in cream - has strongly regenerating properties for the skin and it was created in Swiss laboratories where plant stem cells were recently developed.
    • The company uses patented packaging with recycled airless mechanisms, which makes the products very ecological. They are much safer for the environment than glass.
    • Having own factory the company’s owner is almost immediately responsible for market needs. At the moment - where the markets are filled with cosmetics – the company is developing a preparation that is very deficit in a very specific group of recipients, and the company received a suggestion for its creation from the CEO of the patient organization.
    • In addition, the prices of the cosmetics will be affordable on the European markets.
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    Industry 500
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    pThe cosmetics are 100% or over 99% natural, and the content of raw materials is calculated on the basis of ISO 16128 (minimum 98.9% of ingredients are naturally derived). ppThe desirable partners are distributors and/or agents within the whole EU. The future partner should be interested in establishing medium or long-term cooperation and should have an experience in selling natural cosmetics dedicated to people with skin problems. The potential partner has to provide qualitative representation and dissemination of the products on its corresponding local market under the commercial agency or distribution services agreement. The Polish company will supply the partners with the offered products and the foreign partner will distribute/sell them on their local marketppSME 11-50,SME 10,SME 51-250p
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    • Distribution services agreement
    • Commercial agency agreement
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