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    German company specialized in force measurement technology is looking for distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.
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  • OFFER from Germany, reference: BODE20200715002, valid from 17-07-2020 untill 29-07-2021
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    29 juli 2020
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    29 juli 2020

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    BCD offer
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  • Deleted
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    17 juli 2020
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    29 juli 2021

Business profile

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    The German company is a specialist in force measurement technology. The technology includes strain gage based transducers. The company has established itself as a brand in Germany espacially in the branches safety engineering, measuring overloads and stage technology. Regular tests are carried out for quality assurance. The aim is now to be more strongly represented on the european market and to grow. So the cooperation types (commercial agency agreement and distribution agreement) were chosen to be more competitive on the European market.

    - force sensor for measuring overloads
    - torque sensor for measuring drive torque, monitoring torques or controlling
    - measuring range from 1 kN to 1 MN, from 25 Nm to 4000 Nm
    - on board sensor electronics with current loop output, voltage output, digital output, BUS system
    - handheld indicators for sensor signals
    - circuit boards for PCBs (sensor electronics)
    - stage technology products

    The relevant characteristics: It is possible to provide an analog and digital output signal in the machine. The company develops sensor systems with wireless data transmission. Customer-specific sensors from 1 piece to 10000 pieces can be developed. It is possible to deliver in small series.

    The areas of application are manifold, for example in safety engineering, for measuring overloads, tablet presses, nuclear installations and stage technology.

    The company is looking for business agreements on the basis of a distribution services or a commercial agency agreement. Potential partners, preferably from the industrial automation, should be technically trained and interested in a lasting business relationship.
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    • Measurement Tools
  • Activity codes
    • Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery n.e.c.
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    • English
    • German
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    • Retail

More information

  • Plus Value:
    The company offers quality-driven production lines in Europe and has experience in almost all industrial sensor applications. The company attaches importance to professional advice and to production of customer-specific and application-specific sensors.

    What stands out:
    - complete sensor developement and signal processing from one source
    - developing customer-specific force transducers
    - reconcile technical requirements with price specifications
    - always at the cutting edge of innovative technologies
    - highest value is placed on quality controls and certifications
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  • Type and Size:
    Industry SME = 10
  • Transnational
  • Turnover:
    10 - 20M


  • Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
    pppThe company is looking for long term trusting partnering opportunity. Potential partners in the industrial automation are sought preferably in the areas of safety engineering, for measuring overloads, tablet presses, nuclear installations and stage technology. They should be technically advanced and have a strong local presence with large existing network in the respective branches. A basic know how in force measurement technology is required to be able to promote the products more clearly. The cooperation envisaged is based on a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement. In any case, the partner should have a very good reputation on the market and carry out the sales with conviction for the product.
  • Partnerships
    • Distribution services agreement
    • Commercial agency agreement
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