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    Respirable microparticles of aminoglycoside antibiotics for lung infections
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  • OFFER from Italy, reference: TOIT20170316001, valid from 08-06-2017 untill 08-09-2020
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    14 september 2018
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    8 september 2020

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    Technology offer
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    8 juni 2017
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    8 september 2020

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  • Title:
    Respirable microparticles of aminoglycoside antibiotics for lung infections
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    An Italian startup, that works in the pharmaceutical sector, has developed a new technology in the life sciences sector for the optimal lung deposition of an inhalation powder.
    The startup conduct research in the areas of solid dosage forms (tablets and powder), pulmonary and nasal, with particular reference to pressurized forms or dry powder, liquid forms (eye drops) and transdermal (patches and films).
    The technology is a response to the need to release the antibiotic drugs to the pulmonary level of infection. In chronic pulmonary infectious diseases, which require continuous administration of the antibiotic, as happens for example in cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis, a rapid inhalation administration is more widely accepted by the patient.
    The innovative product created is an antibiotic powder obtained by a spray drying process which allows the formation of microparticles with low content of excipients and high breathability. The powder is constituted by particles of very small aerodynamic diameter, low density and favorable shape for aerosolization. These product characteristics reduce the amount of powder to be inhaled at equal dose of antibiotic to be administered, compared to other technologies for inhalation which contain the same active ingredient.
    The powder was manufactured accordingly to a patented technology platform. The patent claims the preparation of antibiotic microparticles whose respirability is enhanced by a small amount of sodium stearate deposited on particle surface.
    The product addresses the need to increase patient acceptability and consequently the proper intake of the dosages as prescribed in very demanding and delicate therapies. The control of the amount of drug released is achieved thanks to the structure of microparticles and the operation of inhalation device used for dry powders.
    The respirable microparticles manufacturing technology is of interest for pharmaceutical industries that deals with the production of drugs by inhalation, both traditional and bio-technology, particularly antibiotics.

    The startup is looking for pharmaceutical companies interested to cooperate through license or joint venture agreements for the pre-clinical and clinical studies of efficacy and safety of its innovative technology (with a small investment it could obtain good results).
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    • Medcine, Human Health
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    • Research and experimental development on biotechnology
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More information

  • Plus Value:
    - The lung infection therapy conducted by inhalation tackles the pathogen microorganisms at the site of infection at the same time limiting the adverse effects of systemic medication.
    - An inhalation powder facilitates the administration compared to nebulization which requires complex instruments, more time and care efforts.
    - Dry powder inhalation technology involves a simple breath through hand able devices which do not need electricity.
    - The administration can be carried out everywhere with less drug than nebulization.
    - The drug works where it is needed, without affecting healthy organs.
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    Patents granted
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    R&D Institution
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    pppThe startup is looking for industrial partners, that works in the pharmaceutical sector, to launch the pre-clinical and clinical studies of efficacy and safety of its innovative technology, through license and joint venture agreements.pp500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,500p
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    • License agreement
    • Joint venture agreement
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