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    A Polish SME from cosmetic sector offers nail enamels under distribution services and manufacturing agreement
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  • OFFER from Poland, reference: BOPL20180710002, valid from 10-07-2018 untill 04-08-2020
  • Created:
    10 augustus 2018
  • Updated:
    11 februari 2020

General information

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    BCD offer
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  • Deleted
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  • Start date:
    10 juli 2018
  • End date:
    4 augustus 2020

Business profile

  • Description:
    This Polish SME has been present on the domestic and international market since 1998. In the past, it dealt mainly with the sales of preparations for the production of nail enamel, and it also offered professional advice in the area of both technology and latest trends on the cosmetics market. Having acquired many years of experience in creating products under its customers' brand, the company decided to offer its own line of products. In time it has gradually expanded the range of offered services and products.
    The portfolio encompasses:
    - nail polish (traditional and hybrid type)
    - UV (ultraviolet) nail polish / UV gels
    - cosmetic liquids such as cleaners and removers (with acetone and acetone-free)
    - nail cares and conditioners
    - flecks for nail enamel.
    Due to good progress in business and a surplus in production capacity they decided to expand their selling network abroad. The company is looking for new distributors for its own brand products. Distribution services agreement is offered in this case. The Polish company offers full marketing support, with the desire to a long term business commitment to provide them with products. In the same time the company offers OEM or private label production of nail enamel products. Manufacturing agreement is offered to branch partners in this case. Growth in sales is a desired outcome of international collaboration.
  • Activity codes
    • Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations
    • Wholesale of perfume and cosmetics
  • Languages
    • English
    • Polish
  • Certifications
    • ISO 22716:2007
  • Sector groups
    • Healthcare

More information

  • Plus Value:
    The company’s goal is, and has always been, to provide its customers with high quality products that meet even the most demanding people's requirements. The company offers products made "by women for women", so they know what exactly is important in every solution they offer. The quality and subtle additions create together a unique final effect. Thanks to great expertise in nail cosmetics sector the company introduces own inventions that are implemented in all year-round or season collections (e. g. UV nail enamel, matte coats). The company is experienced in international collaboration having trade partners in the UK, Germany and USA.
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  • Type of organisation:
  • Since:
  • Type and Size:
    Industry SME 11-49
  • Transnational
  • Turnover:
    10 - 20M




  • Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
    pppIn case of distribution services agreement
    Type of partner: trade company
    Role of potential partner: to act as a distributor/ wholesaler who serves smaller retail outlets and cosmetic chains within its region or national market.
    In case of manufacturing agreement
    Type of partner: industrial company
    Role of potential partner: to order private label production of nail enamel products.
  • Partnerships
    • Manufacturing agreement
    • Distribution services agreement
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